No need for the Sunday papers 8

I hope you have had a good week.  This last week was out first back at school after the half term and I have really missed my boys, but I have also needed the quiet time, as I have had tonsillitis too.   We have been getting back in to routine and Mini was wonderful at swimming this week, picking up his stage 2 and 5 meters badges.  He enjoys it so much more since we got him some prescription goggles. Sit down and let me introduce you to some fantastic blogs.

Picture of me and my brother hanging on the wall, I just can not bring myself to take down

This week has also been quite a challenge for me personally.  We are nearing the end of clearing out mums house and instead of getting easier it just seems harder each time I visit.  I would keep it all if I could, but I just don’t have the storage, so this time I came hoe with a wind chime for each of the boys bedrooms, both immediately noticed them and said they were Grandma’s door chimes.

The mail keeps arriving, even though I have notified them of Mums death

There seems to have been a distinct change in the weather and Spring is nearly upon us.  Becky at Baby Budgeting has a fab ebook out (well if her others are anything to go by) for under fives, 50 ideas for a sensational spring on a budget, all for only £1.50.

Merry has a really insightful post in to home educating and enterprise at her blog Patch of Puddles.  If university the aim for everyone nowadays?

The amazing CJ from Crystal Jigsaw has a post all about supporting bloggers and anonymous comments, as someone who has only recently received my first off the wall comment, I read this with great interest.

QWERTY Mum’s baby turned 20 this week, in a moving and often harrowing post she walks about her experience giving birth to her beautiful daughter Ivy.

Jude at Artful adventures has a great post about supplying art work for your child’s wall.  I love Judes Blog, it brings me so much inspiration.

So please pop along and read these posts and let tthem know I sent you and do leave me any must reads you ahve this week in the comments section.