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We have a rule in the Mad House that there are no electronics after 6pm.  For us this means no Ipads, video games, phones and computers for the boys after 6pm.  I have read that the LCD  screens can affect the production of melatonin by up to 22% and therefore, make it much harder to get to sleep.

This has been a long term rule at our house and we encourage the boys to read real books, play board games, chat, do jigsaw puzzles and crafts after six pm until bed time or even play outside (which is their current favorite activity).

At the moment the boys go to bed around 8pm and come inside around 7pm as there is a one year old living next door.

We do allow some TV, especially if there is documentary we have recorded and we often do this, so we can sit as a family and watch it together.

Now the boys are seven and eight we are transitioning from junior jigsaw puzzles to family ones as we have been struggling to find age appropriate ones that provide a challenge.  So Orchard Toys sent a couple of their talk along 150 piece puzzles and they have been great fun for the boys to do together.  The one below is Dinosaur Discovery and is 150 pieces.  It is perfect for the boys to do on their own and within a timescale that stops them getting board.  We were also sent Where is the wood too.  I would say that these puzzles are perfect for up to age seven, they have good sized pieces and are very well made.  Plus they come with ideas for discussions based on the puzzles, so are great for family time.  Plus at less than £10 each they are perfectly priced as birthday gifts.


We are also moving on to reading chapter books as a family and doing lots of puzzle books.  Maxi particularly likes sudoku and crosswords, whist Mini really loves drawing.

I also have to say that it is good for us as a family to mindfully turn off the screens and play together.  We have scramble battles, play bananagrams and still love dino dice.  Boggle is one of my favorites at the moment too.


We are also trying to reduce our dependance on screens for those I am boarded moments whilst waiting for food to be served or waiting in queses with small games and have recently been sent Dobble from Esdevium Games, which is a card game and the perfect size for keeping in my bag.  It is a card game, which is based on the concept of snap and needs, speed, good observation and super fast reflexes.  You can play up to five different mini games from the one tin of 55 cards (which are circular) and is a great game for all ages and is currently less than £10.

What are your favorite screen free pastimes?


7 thoughts on “No screens after 6pm #screenfree

  • Jo

    We love taking time to go to allotment or messing around outside. Today we went to Toys R us @ came away with board games 🙂

  • Spicers1976

    that is a good idea. We have far too much screen time here, but when we turn the TV off, 6yo will happily craft so we have started to restrict in the afternoon / evening too

  • TheBoyandMe

    We have never had anything electronic after 6pm, it is a wind-down period for The Boy. Usually some playing in the garden, then in for jigsaws, OT board games, then bath, stories and bed. We love craft and playing OT games as our screen-free time.

  • Natalie

    I really admire your stance on this. It’s something I always strived to implement in our house right from when my eldest two were small but their dad and I were not from the same planet (he was very controlling) and it was impossible to keep in place. By the time we’d split up my lot had adopted some terrible habits regards screen time and as two of them were already in their teens by then it’s almost impossible to reverse. Your post has made me think though. I really need to try and do something about the younger two before it’s too late.

    • Jen Walshaw Post author

      Natalie » It isn’t always easy, but at seven and eight I hope that this is something that we can continue on with. They do whinge, but once we are all doing something together they are fine. I think they actually have issues with failure to transition! I don’t have all the answers, but do know they would be attached to a screen all day everyday of they got the chance.

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