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I was invited to the Spring Summer preview by Next as I am part of their Bloggers Network a couple of weeks ago. Before we went Next gave the boys £50 between them to buy an outfit, so off we headed to our nearest Next store. Now one of the things I used to have to do was make a beeline for any clothes that I didn’t think appropriate. Now what do I mean by that? No slogans is the main issue for me. I do not like children in slogan clothing. So I was pleasurably surprised to find that there was nothing that I considered completely in appropriate and the boys both chose an outfit each. And yes I did have to add some pennies to it!

One of the reasons for attending was the fact that the buyers for Children’s clothing were there and as a parent I could let them know my opinions of their clothes and I am not a shy and retiring person at all and really believe that changes will not be made unless we can provide constructive ideas and solutions to people.  So what did I say:

        • I would like to see the age groups broadened.  At the moment Next have 2 main age ranged Younger Boys (3 months to 5 years) and older boys (3 years and above).  Mini who is 5, is too large for the younger boys, but I prefer a lot of the styles, so perhaps a larger crossover is required, as I would love the boys to both be able to be in the Younger boys styles, so maybe younger boys could go up to 8 years.
        • Brighter colours please.
        • We love practical, so reversible clothes are great, as are turn ups (children grow fast) and buttons that are easier for young children to undo.  The introduction of rib wiast bands makes life so much easier and really increases childrens independence.
        • Keep away from logo’s
        • I am not a fan of character clothing, but my children adore it, so please keep is simple and age appropriate

I went though a stage of not looking for the boys clothes in Next, but more and more it is a place we chose to shop.  There clothes have real durability and wash really well and I think suit my boys, but what do you think of the boys outfits?


11 thoughts on “No Slogans for my boys

  • Denise

    LOVE the photographs of you all – and the boys look fantastic. Your contribution and thoughts to Next are very valid – well done you.

  • Amy

    The boys look fab! I totally agree with you – no slogans for us and no characters either! I find it hard to find reasonably priced clothes for the girls that aren’t pink and covered in Disney princesses, which is why I make them quite a lot of things myself.

  • Wendy Constantinoff

    I think the boys look great and I love the choices they made. Colour style everyhing just right. I agree with Amy that too much girl stuff is pink and princessy. Glad my daughter is all grown up and I don’t have to worry about it. Although she had clothes made by me when she was young.

  • VintageVicki

    I used to buy everything for the boys from Next when they were younger – good quality and could be handed down too. However now we buy less and less – really just their jeans and now big son has to have mens jeans as he’s so tall. The t-shirts no longer appeal to the boys and neither do the hoodies – the logo’s etc are not cool.

    I do rate their school uniforms highly – the shirts & trousers wash and wear really well (again big son has to have mens trousers – even these survive playing rugby/football at lunchtime!!).

    Mini & Max look very handsome in their choices 🙂

  • geekmummy

    They’re all lovely pictures, but I particularly love the one of all three of you – really really lovely picture!

    I wish Catherine would have allowed the photographer to take some of her 🙁

    Lovely to catch up with you at the event, and I’m looking forward to seeing you at the Tots Christmas party 🙂

  • Pants With Names

    I am SOOOO with you on this one. I loathe sloganed clothes. Maybe one or two in the wardrobe but really I don’t need everything sloganned, and I don’t shop for the boys at Next because in the past they have only ever sold clothes that I can’t stand.

    Agree with you on all points that you look for in boys clothes – especially needing reversible clothes (how good are they) and ribbed waist bands. Buttons that are hard to undo are a complete shocker (Primark jeans being a particularly bad culprit here!)

  • Ali

    What fab photo’s, your boys look super smart meets comfy casual. Yes more ribbed waistbands, though they have a good selection of colours at the moment 🙂 boys even at 10 love the ease of just pull up instead of zips and buttons!!!!

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