Noise with Muck on…coping with cleaning boys clothes and eczema 4

I have commented that Mini is known in this house as “noise with muck on”.  He stays clean for all of 5 minutes and his clothes take the brunt of his lifestyle.  I expect this as a mum of boys, however, I also have to contend with Eczema which for me rules out using harsh chemicals when cleaning the boys’ clothes.

Maxi is my main eczema suffer but both boys have periods of really sore and itchy skin. We have been working on a paid partnership with Neutral 0% this year and they initially sent us some products to use.  (They haven’t paid me for this post or even asked me to post it – which just goes to show how much I rate it)!

Neutral 0% is a premium range of laundry products designed for people with allergies and sensitive skin.  It has 0% perfumes, 0% colourants and 0% optical brighteners.  Originating in Denmark over 25 years ago Neutral 0% is a household name in Scandinavian countries and is designed to reduce the risk of skin allergy reaction and irritation without compromising on performance.

We have been using this for the six months and I am delighted with the results.  Both the washing powder and the softner are brilliant and can happily say that I am more than happy with my laundry regime.

Neutral 0% leave your clothes fragrance free and luxuriously soft and is approved by Allergy UK and dermatologically for sensitive skin.

  • For Sensitive Skin
  • For Luxuriously Soft Clothes
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Approved by Allergy UK

I have to admit that I missed a gentle scent and took to adding a could of drops of lavender oil to the wash.

I am so impressed with the Neutral 0% products that I have them on subscribe and save from Amazon and have been buying them every month since having the first products sent to us.