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Noise with Muck on

This month the Tot100 blog hop is all about the naughtiest thing your child has done  and the worst (or best) post will win a bundle of cleaning products from Dirt Devil with a value of £200.

The boys now

Now take a look at my two boys, you would think that butter wouldnt melt in their mouths.  That they are adoreable young chaps, but it wasnt always like this.

When mini was born, Maxi went from 100% of my attention to having to share me with his little brother, now at 15 months I am not sure just how jealous he was, but our worst incidents often occurred during the time that I was changing or feeding Mini.  Now this was before I was blogging, so there are no images to accompany these stories and yes I can laugh at them now, but I tell you what I didnt at the time!

Maxi had a little train, that followed a line that you drew on paper, now his enquiring mind decided to see if it followed that same line if you drew else where.  In the time it took me to take Mini upstairs to change his clothes due to a nappy incident, Maxi have drawn a black line over the sofa, TV, doors and wooden floor in the lounge.  Now I have to say I wasn’t too angry at first, as I assumed the pen would just wipe off, oh how wrong I was.  It turned out this pen was a permanent marker and had caused £1000’s of damage.  In the end we had to call out our insurance company and make a claim, as even their speicalist cleaners could not remove this pen from our furniture.

The other main incident that sticks in my mind was the time that the boys had watched a Christmas episode of Micky Mouse Club House in the middle of the summer and wanted to replicate the snow, so guess what they did.  They took out my washing powder and used that as snow covering the whole of the kitchen in their snow!

Over the years, I have come to accept that my boys are just noise with muck on.

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