Robinsons Fruit Creations: A great alternative to alcohol this festive season 8

Non-alcoholic Drinks for Adults is a paid collaboration with Robinsons Fruit Creations.  I am not really a drinker, in fact, I am often found to be cradling a cup of tea rather than an alcoholic one at parties, but that is due to the fact that I am not a fizzy pop girl and often there is no alternative.  This is where Robinsons Fruit Creations come to the rescue.  Fruit Creations is the grown-up squash for adults and contains twice the fruit of Robinsons single concentrate and designed for the adult palate.

So with Christmas coming, I have been putting the Apple and Elderflower flavoured Fruit Creations to the test and come up with a couple of fabulous festive recipes for non-alcoholic drinks suitable for adults.  Firstly I love it with just water in and it is delicious and refreshing without being too sweet (which I often find ordinary squash to be). Oh, and if you are counting calories it has no more than 10 calories per serving.

Non-alcoholic Drinks for Adults

Apple and Elderflower Spiced Winter Warmer

This is inspired by spiced cider that we had in America (where cider is actually non-alcoholic).  It is perfect for cradling on cold winter days or for popping in a flask.


  • Water
  • Apple and Elderflower Fruit Creations
  • 2 Cinamon Sticks
  • Dried Apple
  • Dried Cranberry
  • Star Annise
  • Cardamon Pods
  • Cloves
  • Brown Sugar
Apple and Elderflower Spiced Winter Warmer - Two Fabulous recipe to make a Non-alcoholic Drink for Adults that are delicious and satisfying using apple and elderflower.

Add your spice mixture to a liter of boiling water and simmer for 10 minutes before adding to the apple and elderflower to taste.  I used approximately 200 ml to a litre of water.  If you do not have all the ingredients then keep an eye out in the supermarket for mulled wine or spiced cider sachets.

Apple, elderflower & mint sparkle

This refreshing drink feels really grown up and decadent, but is super easy to make, especially as we have a SodaStream and keep bottles of cold water in the fridge!


  • 75ml Apple and Elderflower Fruit Creations
  • 1 litre sparkling water
  • Handful of 

    It really is as simple as mixing all the ingredients together and serving in a tall glass.  Garnish with apple slices on the glass rim.

    Apple Elderflower and Mint Sparkle - A Fabulous recipe to make Non-alcoholic Drinks for Adults that are delicious and satisfying using apple and elderflower.

    I love that I have found a grown-up drink that isn’t soda and that I love the taste of.  It is delicious and a great addition to my weekly shop.  Robinsons have also launched a second new range, Fruit Cordials. Robinsons new Fruit Cordial was created to offer a sophisticated twist to squash through combinations of real fruit and botanical flavours. Contained in a glass bottle the cordial is a new more concentrated way to bring a burst of Robinsons’ flavour to the dinner table. You can find even more winter drinks here.