North Georgia Becomes A Destination For Christian Families As Companies Embrace Work From Home

Georgia has always been a deeply religious state, with a large Christian community. While a trend of atheism has been spreading throughout the United States, it has hardly touched Georgia—with North Georgia being the most concentrated Christian area. More and more companies are giving their employees the opportunity to work from home, so Christian employees who no longer need to work in large cities and popular areas can move to places like North Georgia where they can be among people that share similar ideals. 

This article will explore this subject a little deeper:

North Georgia’s Christian Community

Georgia is one of the United States’ most religious states. Over 79% of the state’s residents consider themselves to be Christian, of varying denominations. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that Georgia has a massively diverse Christian community, comprised of Evangelicals, Mormons, Catholics, and many others. These different churches have their own camps, churches, and meeting halls located throughout North Georgia. The Christian community in North Georgia is very welcoming and encourages new residents to get involved. If you are considering moving there, then it’s one of the best places in the entire United States for Christians.

America’s Shrinking Christian Community

Christianity is shrinking across the United States. This is driving many Christians to form enclaves and communities, where they can live harmoniously with one another. Since many workers are now able to work remotely, this means that Christians are able to move to these communities or areas, while still keeping their jobs, which may be in other states (or even other countries). However, despite Georgia’s large Christian community, there are some places in the state that consider themselves ‘post-Christian.’ Atlanta, the state’s capital, is one such place. On the whole, however, Georgia is a very Christian-centred state. This isn’t surprising considering that it is located in America’s Deep South, where over 83% of the population self-reports as Christian.

Should You Relocate To North Georgia?

Georgia is a fantastic place to live. North Georgia is definitely the best part of the state, however. This is because it has an extremely productive economy, beautifully-designed townships, and friendly locals. Georgia’s culture is unlike anywhere else in the United States. It is warm, welcoming, and a great place to live. Many people have a misconception that people from the Deep South are backward or unfriendly. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It won’t take you long to realize this after visiting there.  

Some of the main advantages to living in North Georgia are that the area has a moderate cost of living (which is fantastic considering America’s rising inflation and cost of living crisis), lots of fun things to do, and beautiful wildlife. In particular, Georgia’s forests are amazing. They are some of the finest in the entire United States. Additionally, Georgia also has beautiful weather, with long, hot summers. The only downside to Georgia in terms of weather is the humidity, but you will get used to it pretty quickly.

How To Find Property In North Georgia

Finding property in North Georgia isn’t at all difficult. There are lots of properties for sale there. You can also buy land very affordably there. North Georgia is very affordable also, much more so than the state’s southern localities. Union County is an extremely popular part of North Georgia. Its population is only 238,267, making it a nice, quiet place to move to. The area also has a bustling Christian community. Like most predominantly Christian areas, Union County is Republican. You shouldn’t have any trouble finding Union County homes for sale and you will also likely notice that the prices are very reasonable when compared to other parts of the United States. The land is also quite affordable, compared to current land prices elsewhere.  

If you are looking for property in Union County (or anywhere else in North Georgia), then you need to enlist a realtor’s help. A local realtor or realty agency will simplify the property search process, making it a lot easier for you to find your dream home. It’s absolutely essential to your search’s success that you research any realtor that you intend on working with first so that you can be confident they are qualified and worth hiring. A good way to determine whether a realtor is worth working with is to check out their reviews.

Where Should You Move Specifically?

If you are going to move to North Georgia and want to know where to move specifically, then it’s hard to say. As already mentioned, Union County is a very popular place to live, however, you do need to factor in a few things before deciding. Even though you are working from home, that might not be the case for your family members. If you have children or a partner, then you also need to factor in how they will live their lives on a daily basis. Will your teenage or adult children be working? Will your spouse be looking for a job? Will your young children be going to school? These are all things that you need to think through and address before you can make a decision to move to a specific township. You should talk this through with your family and arrive at a decision together.

In addition to thinking about schools and local infrastructure, you also need to think about what specifically you want from the area that you are going to be living in. If you are a very specific Christian denomination then you need to work out whether or not there is a church that conforms to that school of thought in the area that you are going to be moving to. Georgia is a very large state, so while there are lots of Christian communities and churches there, they are spread out quite far. Make sure to take your religious beliefs and denomination into consideration, so that you make the best choice.

Working from Home and Living Rurally

Georgia’s countryside is some of the United States’ most beautiful (and most diverse). If you are looking for a Christian community, then you will probably want to avoid living in a large city. Large cities tend to be hubs for atheism and anti-religion. Georgia’s large towns however are still great for Christians of all denominations, so you could consider moving to a rural town. If you are working from home, then this should not be a problem at all. In fact, living in a town is probably better, because you will be able to access transport links if you do need to travel to your office to work there once or twice a month. Georgia’s transport links are great. There are a variety of bus stations and train services.

Living rurally isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, however. As mentioned already earlier, you do need to speak to your family and ask them if they are comfortable moving to a rural location. Not everybody can stand living rurally. For some people, it drives them absolutely mad. You can ascertain whether or not your family would thrive living rurally by renting an Airbnb for a few weeks in a rural location. If they won’t be able to stand living rurally, then you could consider moving to a large town.  As mentioned once already, Georgia’s large towns are great. The best thing about them is that despite transport links and the façade of being modernized, Georgia’s large towns are still pretty rural anyway, with forests and the outdoors only a stone’s throw away.

You also need to think about internet connection. While Georgia does have a fantastic infrastructure and an internet connection, there are some parts with slow internet. It’ll be hard to work from home if the internet connection’s poor.

Immersing Yourself In the Community

Wherever you move, immerse yourself in the community. Georgia’s Christian community is very welcoming, as we have already mentioned. If you are going to make the move from wherever you live to Georgia purely for the state’s Christian community then you need to make sure that you immerse yourself in it. Something that many people do is move to places with idealistic views, only to not pursue them when they actually do move there. Georgia’s residents are incredibly kind and friendly, regardless of their religion. By virtue of being a Christian, they will treat you like family. And, because Christianity is being attacked in many places and atheism is growing, they will be happy that you have moved there.

The more Christians in Georgia, as far as the state’s Christians are concerned, the better. By participating in the community you will be able to make a life for yourself there. You might even be able to get your children into quality religious schools. Many of Georgia’s Christian communities have their own educational institutions. With that said, Georgia does have very good schools anyway, so you don’t have to send them to an exclusively Christian school.

Georgia is one of America’s most desirable states. It has a good quality of life, affordable living, and friendly locals. It also has a delicious food scene. If you are a very religious person, then it should be at the top of your places to live. You won’t find anywhere better than Georgia.