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Now we are Six

Today you turn six.  It seems like somehow we have blinked and all of a sudden I have a six year old.  We have been blessed to watch you grow and develop.  To get small glimpses to the man you may become.

I look at you with wonder at the way you view the world, the ever generous friend, always there to hold someones hand or give them a pat on the back and words of congratulations.

Maxi’s last sleep as a five year old

You are an amazing big brother, who encourages Mini ever step of the way.  You give him wonderful kisses and cuddles, but boy the two of you sure know how to fight too.  I guess it is safe to say that you love with passion and fight with the same intensity.  You are not a boy of half measures.

You are talented beyond my comprehension and are a whiz at maths and literacy.  You love sport and enjoy going to football practice every weekend.

But one of the things I am most proud of is the fact that you are happy to be different.  You don’t feel the need to fit in and are happy to be the only boy in a plain football top at practice.  You are happy with your longish hair, not wanting to be part of the crowd all the time.  Happy to stand up for what is right.

You would spend you spare time with your head in your DS or on the Wii, but you also love to be outside on your scooter or playing with your friends.

One thing that has stood out for me this year is the way you have copped with Grandma’s death with such understanding and perception that I never thought possible for one so young.  You have been on hand to talk to Mini about her when he needs to, to hold his hand and to also bring a smile to my face on the days when I am sad.  Grandma loved you with a love I can not put in to words, you were her first Grandchild, her reason for living.  You stopped her living in the past missing your Granddad, the man we named you after and made her look to a bright future.

I am so sorry that you go in to your sixth year without this wonderful woman by your side, but I trust that she will always be in your heart.

I love you Boo, I really do.  You were a true miracle for me and your Daddy.  We never imagined what being parents would be, we never thought we could love someone in the way we love you.  A love that is so hot, bright and pure, it feels as though I have a second heart which beats next to yours.

So here to another year, lets enjoy being six together, lets grab each day and deal with each challenge as a new adventure.  I am proud to be your Mummy, I am having the time of my life watching you and your brother grow and develop and even better I have so much fun accompanying you on your adventures.



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