Olympic Writing and an Olympic Medal Chart 2

My whole family are so excited about the Olympics, so this week we are going to use that excitement to encourage and nurture writing in our children.

To start with we made an Olympic medals table and discussed how during the Olympic Ceremony some counties names were spelled differently to how we spell them.  We have a couple of sticker books that we have been using Flags of the World (Spotters Sticker Books) and also Usborne Sticker Atlas of the World (Usborne Sticker Atlases), which have been great, fun and easy to use,  they have also really encouraged discussion.

Other prompts for this week include:

  • Be a reporter at your favorite event at the Olympic games.  Try to encourage descriptive words and ask lots of questions, which should encourage this.  Including What is the sport about?  How is it played?  What is the weather like? What is the atmosphere like? What is the score? Who wins and how do they do it?
  • Pretend you have won a gold medal at the Olympics.  How would you feel?  Try writing a speech that you would give after winning a medal.
  • Write a biography of your favorite Olympian.  Use the internet to find out information and write about your favorite Olympian.  How old are they?  What sport do they do? You could even draw a picture of them.
  • Design a poster for your favorite Olympic sport.

I hope you have as much fun as we are over the course of the Olympics and would love to know what activities you are doing.


2 thoughts on “Olympic Writing and an Olympic Medal Chart

  • Gillian

    So far we’ve made torches and medals and the kids have enjoyed watching it (as have I!). Bella’s school newsletter had some excellent ideas…research flags, find out how to say “hello” in other languages, taste and explore foods from around the world, cook and eat healthy and energy boosting foods etc etc… So many inspiring things to do! x

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