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Ombre Shoe Lace – How to

We have been busy having a crafty summer and as the boys are getting older I have moved on to different craft activities and we have been customising clothes and shoes with our friends from Frugal Family.

how to make ombre shoe laces

Ombre shoe laces


  1. Dye – Dylon Hand Dye Sachet
  2. Shoe laces
  3. Salt

How to

Ombre shoe laces

We used Dylon Hand Dye which comes in an array of colours,  Miss Frugal decided on Flamingo Pink for her laces.

We made up the mixture according to the packet with warm water and added salt as per the instructions.

We west the ends of the laces to about a third of the way down with cold water to dilute the dye as it moved up the laces.

We then dipped the laces into the dye and let it work its way up the laces using capillary action (Coffee Cups and Crayons has an ace post on how capillary action works with this post on walking water).

walking water

We left the dye for 30 minutes, agitating it occasionally before rinsing the laces and allowing them to dry.

ombre shoe laces

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