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Online Learning with Night Zookeeper

Online Learning with the Night Zookeeper is a paid collaborative post. I have posted before about how much I love the Night Zookeeper range and how their personalised books can really help reluctant readers. You might already be aware of the amazing books by Joshua Davidson which introduce them to the importance of creativity and friendship, but did you know that the Night Zoolkeeper is also an English language curriculum for ages 6-12 that can be used as a fun online learning program to supplement your children school work at home – Keep reading as we have an amazing offer for you.

One of my children loved reading, the other was a reluctant reader and I wish that the Night Zookeeper program had been around when they were younger as this is so much more fun than anything I did with them. It really makes learning so much more fun. With it being an online program it is really great for kids that find screens more engaging than physical books, however, as it is such a diverse range including physical books it is a great pathway into loving books and language.

The aim of Night Zookeeper is to turn passive engagement with technology into real-world hands on educational learning with a love for literacy and creativity. They do this by capitalising on children’s inherent love of animals and capturing their innate imagination that makes learning magical, fun and something they do without realising they are even learning

Online Learning with Night Zookeeper

How does Learning with Night Zookeeper work?

Night Zookeeper encourages children to write creative stories, draw pictures, complete fun writing lessons, as well as take on spelling, grammar, and punctuation challenges in the magical setting of the Night Zoo, where children can create and collect their own animal characters, battle monsters, and climb up a global leaderboard of children from around the world. Night Zookeeper has already helped over 500,000 children to improve their writing, reading and creative thinking skills.

Night Zookeeper is specifically designed with age-appropriate challenges to help your child fall in love with reading and writing. Based on the National Curriculum the challenges work on spelling, grammar and vocabulary before moving on to writing lessons and practice complementing what your child is learning at school.

Weekly aged-based engaging lessons, topics and challenges covering everything from adventure stories, reports, poetry and letter-writing help your child develop and expand their writing skills and meet learning goals.

Children are encouraged to keep on developing and learning by unlocking new areas of the NightZoo and customising their characters.

Night Zookeeper’s team of tutors provide instant feedback with encouragement to ensure that they keep their enthusiasm and motivation for using the program. This may be as simple as identifying spelling and punctuation mistakes, asking follow-up questions on their work, or showing other ways that they could improve their writing.

As they complete more and more challenges and lessons, children can unlock new, exciting areas of the Night Zoo, and customise their Night Zoo characters.

Benefits for your Child:

  • Motivates reluctant writers and readers
  • Boosts literacy skills including spelling, reading, grammar and writing skills
  • Encourages a lifelong love of creative writing via their imagination
  • Productive use of screen time
  • Makes reading and writing a fun activity rather than associated with learning and school

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Parents can start a 7-day trial for FREE and then subscribe either monthly, quarterly or annually with either single child or family subscriptions. Plus if you take out an annual subscription you can save over 50% for a limited time.