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Online Maths Tuition for Teenagers – is it worth it?

Online Maths Tuition for Teenagers – is it worth it? is a paid collaborative post in conjunction with TuitionWorks, however, as always all opinions and thoughts are my own (or Mini’s opinion)! I am not going to lie, as a mum to two teenage boys lockdown created some real issues for us from an educational perspective. Neither of my boys really found online learning engaging. Maxi was in year 11 so felt pressured to attend live lessons for his GCSE’s, but he really didn’t enjoy them at all. Mini who is in year 10, couldn’t engage with learning in any way during. We discovered that live lessons with zero feedback did absolutely nothing for him. In fact, he switched off.

Online Maths Tuition for Teenagers, even reluctant ones - Is it worth it? Find out a parents and teenagers opinion and that teen hated live lessons!

When I say he switched off, I mean he slept in excess of 16 hours a day, though this lessons, his dinner and turned pretty nocturnal. I totally get it. The lessons the boys’ school provided were excellent within the constraints they had, but they were one-way video lessons aimed at a whole class.

Since going back to school he has been much better and he is finding school much more engaging. He has had three commendations and we have learned that he thrives in a class environment with collaboration rather than being talked at. The fact of the matter is he has missed a chunk of his education. Yes, the school is doing what they can so that he catches up, but we wanted to nip any educational slip in the bud.

TuitionWorks provides online maths tuition that is one to one with a teacher. Mini wasn’t all that keen to try online maths tuition especially after his experience with online learning with school during the pandemic, but I persuaded him!

How it works:

  1. First off you go online (or you can call) to make an appointment for a FREE 15-minute initial assessment. They send you the link for the assessment and your child completes it before moving on to the next step.
  2. A 15-minute chat with your tutor, which is still FREE and they discuss the results and expectations and what will happen next. This is great for making sure your child is secure in what is coming next and how it will work. it really takes the anxiety out of the tutoring session that comes next.
  3. Your child is then scheduled for their one hour lesson with the tutor they met on the 15-minute review. The sessions range from £35-75 per session. ( There’s also an introductory offer below – so make sure you check that out).

TuitionWorks have kindly offered my followers a completely free maths tuition session using the code MUMINTHEMADHOUSETWFREE This offer is subject to availability.

I was really worried that Mini would hate it and not learn anything like he did Live lessons at school, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. He really found the tuition helpful to the point that he said it would be a great idea to do more nearer his GCSE’s. He “met” with his tutor Sonia during the 15-minute chat and she talked about which GCSE exam board he was learning with and also the gaps in his knowledge from the initial assessment and if he agreed with them and what he felt his weaknesses were. They discussed what he wanted to focus on and how the tuition would work using the online interactive whiteboard.

So he was totally prepared for the first online tuition session. He felt that he covered so much during that house session. He said about the same as a month’s school lessons! I think the fact that he got immediate feedback and one to one help made a massive difference. He actually came away feeling empowered and buzzing at what he had learned. Having a brother only an academic year older who is naturally talented at maths is not easy. He always compared himself to his brother even though we don’t. The tuition gave him a real boost.

I was worried that it was going to be a waste of money and time, however, I was delighted to be proven wrong. It was such a joy to see my child absorbed in learning again and actively wanting to discuss what he had learned. It had been a long lockdown for both him and us.

A Parents Opinion -Was it worth it, Especially for a teen that did not engage in Live Lessons?

Hell yes! I say that enthusiastically and emphatically. He loved it and learned so much in just one hour. We will certainly be considering it after his mock exams next year when we know where he needs additional help. So I can say that Online Maths Tuition for Teenagers was a hit from our point of view.

As someone that was a shielder through lockdown, I like the fact I am not inviting a stranger into our house to tutor my teen and that it is without a contract, so we can use it on an ad-hoc basis or pay for a block with the assurance that it will be the same tutor each time. That enables the Tutor to develop a rapport with my teen and understand their strengths and weaknesses. For us, it is all about building resilience and working on his confidence and improving his skillset.

Online Maths Tuition for Teenagers, even reluctant ones - Is it worth it? Find out a parents and teenagers opinion and that teen hated live lessons!

A Pupils Opinion on Online Maths Tuition for Teenagers

I found the tutor really helpful as it was one to one and they give you feedback immediately rather than having to wait. She explained it really well and I liked that it was the same exam board that I am using at school. She also made me feel really at ease and not embarrassed.

The interactive whiteboard is really clever as you can pull things from the textbook to it and the tutor can see exactly what you are doing and vice versa. I thought the hour would drag, but it didn’t and I learned much more than I would in an hour at school with the specific teaching I needed rather than it is aimed at a class.

I will definitely not worry about having any help when it comes to my GCSE Exams next year.

Online maths tuition for teenagers

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  1. We do language tuitions for our kids, they’re only 7 & 10, but really enjoy the lessons.
    The kids are only as motivated to learn as the tutor can encourage them to be.

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