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Our Advent and Christmas Books

The time has come to bring the advent box out of the loft and with it all of our Christmas and Advent books.

What a selection we have, books from when the boys were small, to one that I read to them and I thought I would share them with you.

 I love each and every one of them for different reasons and would love for you to share your Christmas books with me so that we can expand our library.

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The Light in the lantern (UK Link/US Link)

With twenty-eight stories, this book may be used as an “Advent calendar,” with the first week’s stories relating to the mineral world, the second to the plant world, followed by the animal kingdom, and finally human beings. This book helps enliven children’s imaginations during the festival time of Christmas.

‘Twas Nochebuena (UK Link/US Link)

The night before Christmas looks different in each culture, but food, fun, and family are always key ingredients. “‘Twas Nochebuena, and all through our casa,” the story begins, “every creature was kneading tamale masa.” Spanish vocabulary is sprinkled generously throughout the book, which explores a Latino family’s Christmas Eve traditions.

Advent and Christmas Stories (UK Link/US Link)

From Advent and the Twelve Days of Christmas to the flight into Egypt: Estelle Bryer and Janni Nicol tell their favourite Advent and Christmas stories. Their approach is simple yet profound and draws on their lifelong experience as Waldorf kindergarten educators, puppeteers, and as mothers.

Refuge (UK Link/US Link)

This book was published in support of refugees and £5 from the sale of each book will go to the charity War Child. War Child UK is caring for Syrian refugee children in camps and host communities in Jordan and Northern Iraq.

I Spy Christmas Book for Kids Ages 2-5 (UK Link/US Link)

As a perfect activity book for children aged 2-5, this adorable Christmas-themed coloring book will quickly become a family favorite! Kids will love coloring all the cute illustrations inside – and the eye spy puzzles will provide them with hours upon hours of fun and enjoyment as they practice their creativity

Silent Night (The Christmas Choir)  (UK Link/US Link)

Celebrate the magic of Christmas with this beautifully illustrated book, based on the world’s best-loved carol, ‘Silent Night’.

The Christmas Story (UK Link/US Link)

High above the stables the night sky was filled with angels, who gave thanks to God and welcomed the new baby with their beautiful music. A perfect first book of the Nativity; simply told and beautifully illustrated by Ian Beck

Three Wise Queens: A Story of the Nativity Gifts (UK Link/US Link)

This is a clever and imaginative book that has added a delightful dimension to the story of the three kings.

A Treasury of Christmas Stories and Songs (UK Link/US Link)

A Treasury of Christmas Stories and Songs has Christmas favorites for the family! Bring everyone together to enjoy this collection of traditional tales, classic rhymes, and cherished songs and carols. Each one is beautifully illustrated to conjure up the wonder and the joy of Christmas.

Christmas Is Coming! An Advent Book (UK Link/US Link)

This inviting twist on the traditional advent calendar is perfect for families who love to put their own spin on celebrating the holidays, offering fun-filled activities that can be fondly shared together year after year.

The Story of Christmas (UK Link/US Link)

With stunning art by Helen Dardik and simplified text for little readers, The Story of Christmas is sure to become a family favorite.

On Angel Wings (UK Link/US Link)

This magical reworking of the nativity by the bestselling author of War Horse Michael Morpurgo is beautifully illustrated by Quentin Blake. A wonderful Christmas gift to treasure and share

Letters from Father Christmas (UK Link/US Link)

Every December an envelope bearing a stamp from the North Pole would arrive for J.R.R.Tolkien’s children. Inside would be a letter in strange spidery handwriting and a beautiful coloured drawing or some sketches. The letters were from Father Christmas.

Alfie’s Christmas (UK Link/US Link)

Join Alfie and Annie Rose for Christmas! Alfie opens his advent calendar and makes cards and presents. He sings carols and decorates the tree.

Christmas Stories  (UK Link/US Link)

Curl up by the fireside with an enchanting collection of Christmas stories from Britain’s best-loved children’s author, Michael Morpurgo. Lose yourself in faraway lands and unexpected adventures with five festive tales from the man who gave us War Horse.

The Story of Christmas Story Book Set & Advent Calendar (UK Link/US Link)

This calendar features 24 jewel-like miniatures board books, nestled in a three-panelled, stand alone backer. The books are numbered 1 through 24, and, like the peek-a-boo windows on an Advent calendar, are meant to be opened one per day from December 1st through Christmas Eve

The Empty Stocking (UK Link/US Link)

It’s Christmas Eve and there’s one very important question on everyone’s mind – have YOU been good this year? For twins Sam and Charlie this is a big worry. Charlie has been especially naughty and everyone is sure that she won’t get any presents at all.

The Best Christmas Present in the World  (UK Link/US Link)

In The Best Christmas Present in the World, War Horse author Michael Morpurgo revisits the trenches to tell the haunting story of Christmas 1914 when soldiers on both sides put down their weapons in honour of Christmas Day.

Dear Santa (UK Link/US Link)

Lift the flaps to unwrap a Christmas present on every page of Dear Santa, a festive book by Rod Campbell, creator of the preschool classic Dear Zoo.

Snow (UK Link/US Link)

Every child loves a snow day – no school and snowball fights galore! But Sam has to wait for his Grandad. 

The Night Before Christmas (UK Link/US Link)

This classic Christmas verse is well known to every parent and child preparing for Christmas and this beautifully illustrated new edition is the perfect Christmas gift for young and old.

The Polar Express (UK Link/US Link)

Late on Christmas Eve, after the town has gone to sleep, a boy boards a mysterious train that waits for him: the Polar Express bound for the North Pole. When he arrives there, Santa offers him any gift he desires. The boy modestly asks for one bell from the reindeer’s harness. It turns out to be a very special gift, for only believers in Santa can hear it ring. We have the 30th Anniversary edition of this book.

The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas!(UK Link/US Link)

Danny wants everything for Christmas. But what he gets is a dinosaur, a very hungry dinosaur. Danny’s new dino eats up all of Christmas, but as we all know, what goes in must come out . . .

Tinsel: The Girls Who Invented Christmas  (UK Link/US Link)

Join Blanche Claus and her best friend Rinki for a funny festive sleigh ride you’ll never forget!

Winter Story (Brambly Hedge) (UK Link/US Link)

It was the middle of winter and very, very cold. The mice of Brambly Hedge forecasted snow. And they were right. In the morning they awoke to find their doors and windows hidden behind deep drifts. 

Father Christmas Needs a Wee (UK Link/US Link)

At each different house that he visits Father Christmas drinks and eats all the goodies left out for him. Before long he really, really, really needs a wee. So much so that he even forgets to leave the presents behind.

The Nutcracker: Story Book Set & Advent Calendar (UK Link/US Link)

Twenty-four miniature board books are nestled into 24 windows, numbered 1 through 24 and, like the peek-a-boo windows of an Advent calendar, are meant to be opened one-per-day from December 1 through Christmas Eve

Advent Storybook: 24 Stories to Share Before Christmas (UK Link/US Link)

Benjamin Bear cannot wait for Christmas to come. To help the time pass more quickly, his mother tells him that every day when he opens a door on his Advent calendar she’ll tell him a story about another little bear and his long, arduous journey to Bethlehem.

The Jolly Christmas Postman (UK Link/US Link)

The most wonderful Christmas book full of interactive activities. I love it.

Peter Rabbit: Christmas is Coming: A Christmas Countdown Book (UK Link/US Link)

Join Peter and all his friends every day in December as they count down to Christmas and have lots of fun adventures along the way.

Claris: Holiday Heist: The Chicest Mouse in Paris (UK Link/US Link)

New this year . A sweet little mouse takes on a cheeky cat burglar with holiday cheer! Can Claris and Monsieur save the day – the New York way? 

The Nutcracker in Harlem (UK Link/US Link)

In this original retelling, set in New York City during the height of the Harlem Renaissance. This  jazz-inspired reinvention of The Nutcracker is a worthy tribute to the dreamlike wonder and magic of the Christmas season.

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