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Our Dream Garden

We love our home.  We moved here six years ago from Berkshire and this house was totally supposed to be a temporary stop gap until we built our own home on the farm.  But……… we really love the house we bought and are very happy in it  and have parked our other plans for sometime in the future.  The only thing we would really love to change is our garden.  As a family it really doesn’t suit our lifestyle.

So before I tell you what we would love to have from a garden let me show you our current garden.  Please bear in mind it was a mud pit when we moved in!


So we sat down as a family and brainstormed what we wanted from a garden and then I made a wordle showing it!

We all have very different requirements for the garden, we want to expand our raised beds so we can grow more of our vegetables, we would love a relaxing area and the boys want a trampoline  however, the challenge is our garden is small and on a large slant.  We also made a Garden Pinterest board full of inspiration.  We are really looking for a fun functional family garden.

As we live in the Frozen North of England, I would love a covered cosy area, where we can curl up and relax.  I want to extend the usage of the garden and would love an area like above filled with cushions, blankets and warmth, so we could all spend more time outdoors.

I am really impressed with the progress the garden has made over the six years we have lived here, MadDad has put his heart and soul in to making it the best he can, but now we really need some professional help.


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