Over 100 Gift Ideas for Quilters

What do quilters really want for Christmas? Well, we have the ultimate Gift Guide for Quilters with ideas for people who sew including notions, books, t-shirts, organizers and other unique ideas. Something for every budget to find the perfect gift for your favorite quilter whether that be a print for their sewing room or a new sewing machine (if you are feeling generous)!

The ultimate Gift Guide for Quilters  with over 100 ideas for people who sew: notions, books, t-shirts, stationery, pincushions and organizers.

I made my first quilt over ten years ago for Mini as he was obsessed with London and I have been quilting and learning about it ever since. I have used my seam ripper more than I care to admit and I want to share with you the things I cherish most and know would make the best gifts that any quilter or sewist would be delighted with.

Gift Guide for Quilters

The ultimate Gift Guide for Quilters  with over 100 ideas for people who sew: notions, books, t-shirts, stationery, pincushions and organizers.

My first stop would always a local quilt shop, but we are not all lucky enough to have one nearby and your quilter will be delighted with a gift card for there as quilting is an expensive hobby. Many offer gift certificates for classes which would make an amazing Christmas gift.

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Pins and Needles

Pins and pincushions for quilters

Perhaps you are making a pin cushion for a quilter or sewist friend, if so why not add some decorative pins. I adore these coffin-shaped ones perfect for a cauldron pincushion, especially as she makes ghost and bat pins!

When it comes to pun cushions and collectors this wooden magnetic bowl is a thing of beauty and will only get better with use and age, alternatively this silver colour chick is just adorable and unique.

Needle threaders

These wooden needle cases are such a beautiful way to store needles on the go. I find needle threaders very small and tend to misplace them, not so this turned acrylic needle minder or this beautiful wooden one.

Mats and Rulers

When it comes to mats I think that it is key to have as large a mat as you can afford or have a surface to use upon. It also pays to have a rotating cutting mat. Also, quilters work in metric, so make sure that you purchase things in inches. I have had one of these self-healing cutting mats for the last six years and really rate it.

Cutting mats

When it comes to rulers, Creative Grids is the brand for me, they are high quality. Most quilters will already have the basic sizes of 6.5 inches by 24 inches and 12.5 by 12.5 inches. A brilliant upgrade would be a stripology ruler.

Stripology ruler in a gift guide for quilters

Fun Quilty Gifts

Jewellery and Pin badges

I am a massive enamal pin badge collector. I have a whole penant flag covered in ones that are sewing related.

Enamel sewing pin badges

Etsy is brilliant for pin badges and I love this Here we F8cking Sew one. I think that most quilters are an irreverant bunch and don’t mind swears! There is also this Stitich Club one too. Samantha Claridge has some amazing enamel sewing pin badges. I am a little obsessed with these floral scissor pins – they move and there is a matching sewing machine pin too.

I am obsessed with this sewing shelfie necklace and it is on my wish list for this Christmas and there is matching thread spool earings. This sterling silver bobbin necklace is stunning as is the button one. These tiny scissor earings are super cute. Finally, if rings are more your persons thing, then this sewing machine ring is ace.


We quilters like to keep our hands busy, so jigsaws are a great solution. Plus you can always frame them and add them to your sewing room walls.

Chocolate Sewing Items

Know a quilter with a secret sweet tooth? These chocolate sewing kits are the ultimate gift for the sweet sewist in your life. Plus, wouldn’t it just make the loveliest retreat gift?

Tiny Sewing Room

For an extra gift check out these miniature Tiny Tin Sewing rooms, hand-crafted by Sachiko Aldous. They are so adorable and they are all unique.

Sewing Themed Prints

I love a good sewing pun and print and these are perfect for sewing room walls. I know that I am a sewciopath and I could also be a fabricologist and I am definitely a quilter. I adore this foiled measure twice print and this retro sewing machine one. You could also get a personalised wooden sewing room door plaque.


I have a resting stitch face tee and am always asked where it is from – it is a real talking point. If you are looking for a stocking filler then how about some I would rather be sewing socks or presser foot socks.

I really love this quilt block sweatshirt and this one block at a time t-shirt. This quilt block T is really nice too.


For me quilting is linked to loads of cups of tea, so it seems mugs are a great gift – how about this resting stitch face one.I love this If you see me with a seam ripper one or this Crafty F8cker one! There is also a fabricologist mug and this one for everyone with enough fabric – just kidding!


I am going to order this patchwork calendar from Once Upon a Tuesday for me as I love it so much. But if that isn’t your style I have more below:

I am a big fan of stickers, they make great stocking fillers. Samantha Claridge has some amazing sewing-themed stickers. As does Fairy Cakes. I think every quilter needs a sewing unpicker sticker (say that fast) and we all know a bobbin chicken champion. This sticker set is cute and this set would be perfect for journalling.

How cool is this calendar by Steph Thannhauser – I mean I know I am a Sewciopath, how about you?

Quilters Notions

This Wooden Hera Marker from the House of Qunin which is a collaboration with Takahashi McGil is wonderfully tactile and I should know as I got one as a gift from my husband and will always cherish it. It is a really precious upgrade on an everyday tool and would make a great gift.

Another upgrade is one of these wooden seam rippers from Beyond Measure. I love the feel of it in my hand. It is so warm and tactile. I love how it is useful and beautiful. It is also great for the planet as you can buy new blades rather than a whole new ripper.

How about storage solution – These are often called a sew n stash, but if you look for silicone makeup organisers they are half the price!

Last Christmas I was bought a wooden point turner. Laura also makes tailors clappers, which I have seen some quilters using to keep their seems flat after pressing!

One of the things I have been lusting after for a long time is these beautiful spool holders made in the UK by Laura ter Kuile. She also makes custom ones and bobbin holders too.

I rave about Nursem to everyone. I discovered this fabulous brand through lockdown and love it. I swear by their hand wash and hand cream for a non-greasy finish. My MIL loves the stronger skin fix.

One thing that is on my Christmas list every year and I was devastated to miss during the pandemic is The Modern Quilt Club retreat. It is the highlight of my year. A weekend to craft in a hotel with like-minded people and food and drink on tap, I mean what is not to love?

Cutting Tools – Scissors, Snips & Rotary Cutters

Now I can not tell you how many times my family have said how weird I am to cut up fabric only to sew it back together again! However, cutting tools are key to making a great quilt and these make a great gift for quilters.

When it comes to scissors you need paper scissors and fabric scissors and the two must be kept separate. Also if it important that you get the right handed scissors for the person, yes, you can get left-handed scissors.

Tula Pink Fabric Scissors

I swear by my Tula Pink Scissors – They are a collaboration between Tula Pink & Brewer and are German-made. I have the 6inch Bent Trimmer Micro Serrated Scissors and the 6 inch straight scissors 


I love curves snips for cutting threads tight to the fabric and these spring snips are great and also a really fabulous price too.

Fiskers Paper Scissors

I find that having these floral-handled paper scissors stops my teenage boys from pinching them, plus mine are 13 years old and still sharp.

Needlecraft Scissors

The best scissors are the ones that stay sharp and foolishly spent a lot on small scissors that never stay sharp until I bought these Omnigrid 4 in Embroidery Needlecraft Scissors which are such a handy little pair of knife-edge scissors with extremely sharp blades that are perfect for applique and miniature work

Duckbill Appliqué Scissors

Duckbill Appliqué Scissors allow you to trim very close to the seam and protect you from cutting the underneath fabric. They are a really nice to have item.

45mm Rotary Cutter

A standard for making sure that your cuts are smooth this rotary cutter has an ergonomic design to make cutting easier. Also, most rotary cutters are yellow, so go with a different cutter so your quilter’s precious tools will never get confused with others.

OLFA Endurance Rotary Blade 45mm

The OLFA Endurance Rotary blade cuts twice as long and fits all OLFA 45mm rotary cutters. A sharp blade means less chance of cutting yourself so it is always great to have replacement blades.

Cordless Electric Scissors for Fabric

Does your sewer or Quilter struggle with arthritis in their hands, if so a rechargeable fabric cutter is a real must-have and their prices have really reduced recently as they have become more popular.

A brilliant Gift Guide for Quilters with gift ideas for people who sew including notions, books, t-shirts, organizers and other unique ideas

Other Ideas

Handling fabric can really dry out your hands and this SEAMS Hand and Nail Oil is designed for sewers. it is ideal and £22.50. This oil is a great nourishing treatment for your hands & nails that’s not greasy! I got this for My MIL last year and this year I am using the hand cream and love it. It doesn’t leave my hands greasy and sink straight in.

Surprise the crafter in your life with the perfect gift this Christmas inspired by our gift guide for crafters including kits and equipment.

If money was no object then I would kill for a Sew Station from Create Room. I have been lusting after their fabulous crafting storage solutions since I saw them on lots of US sewers and quilters Instagram. Well, they now distribute in the UK and I am truly smitten.

One of the best things you could buy a crafter would be an adjustable sit-stand desk. I gifted one to one of my sewing besties.

One thing that is on my Christmas list every year and I was devastated to miss during the pandemic is The Modern Quilt Club retreat. It is the highlight of my year. A weekend to craft in a hotel with like-minded people and food and drink on tap, I mean what is not to love?

Sewing is my happy pace – Is it yours or someone you know too? Then they will be delighted with this bauble from John Lewis for £8. It would also make a great gift to give at a sewing retreat.

Or perhaps a vintage sewing machine is more your bag – this one is only £4 from Asda!