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Over 101 Ideas for Summer Activities for Teenagers is a paid collaboration with Goodfella’s Romano Pizza. As my boys are getting older I am finding that keeping them entertained over the summer is getting more expensive and it appears that I am not alone in finding it pricey,  A study by Goodfella’s Pizza discovered that during the six weeks summer holiday parents spend an average of £127 a child to stop their offspring becoming bored.  “I’m Bored” is one of the phrases that I have banned here, in fact over the years I have used it to my advantage with our Bored Jars.  So I have partnered up with Goodfellas and their Romano Pizza to share with you over 101 ideas for summer activities for teenagers perfect for a bored jar.

101 Ideas for Summer Activities for Teenagers

101 Ideas for Summer Activities for Teenagers

101 Activities for Teenagers Perfect for Summer

As with all our bored jars, there is a sting in the tail for teens if they need to use it and utter the dreaded words “I am bored”, they risk picking out a chore which they have to do before picking out another activity.  The majority of the activities are low cost or even no cost.  Over the years the boys have got used to keeping themselves occupied on a small budget which means that I spend much less than the average person according to the Goodfella Pizza research.  It also means that I can splash out on a summer trip to the water park or even a theme park for all the family.

Over 101 Ideas for Summer Activities for Teenagers

  1. Read a book
  2. Arrange a Clothes Swapping Event with Friends
  3. Take the dog for a walk
  4. Bake cookies
  5. Dry Ice Science
  6. Go on a Bike Ride
  7. Go to the Beach
  8. Make a Stop Motion Video
  9. Go swimming
  10. Let’s cook – make pizza
  11. Put on a DVD
  12. Let’s cook – Make popcorn
  13. Call on a friend
  14. Get the paints and pencils out
  15. Board game
  16. Go to the library
  17. Go to a park
  18. Find five things to give to charity from your bedroom
  19. Do the Laundry
  20. Water the plants
  21. Borrow the camera
  22. Make a coke/mentos rocket
  23. Make slime
  24. Plan, shop and make Dinner
  25. Have a sleepover in the garden
  26. Make Mocktails
  27. Make ice cream
  28. Go for a walk
  29. Clean your bedroom
  30. Vacuum the stairs
  31. Sweep the ground floor
  32. Have a makeover with your friends
  33. Have a pamper/spa session
  34. Research your family tree
  35. Write 5 things you love about each member of your family
  36. Draw a comic
  37. Wash the car
  38. Empty the dishwasher
  39. Make Jelly/Jello
  40. Go to a Museum
  41. Rearrange your bedroom
  42. Have a water fight
  43. Make a volcano
  44. Do some Gardening
  45. Go to a Theme Park
  46. Go and See your grandparents
  47. Make Coke Floats
  48. Make pancakes
  49. Personalise your clothes
  50. Make something off Pinterest
  51. Facetime a friend
  52. Go to a Pick your own farm
  53. Play board Games virtually with a friend
  54. Do some Yoga
  55. Have a Movie Night
  56. Go to the Gym
  57. Make homemade Jam/curd
  58. Make greetings cards
  59. Learn Something New
  60. Make Jewellery
  61. Go Geocaching
  62. Go to the Skate Park or Ice Ring
  63. Sort your wardrobe
  64. Make cupcakes
  65. Create a band
  66. Start your own Youtube channel
  67. Water the garden
  68. Groom the dog
  69. Play a card game
  70. Pick an activity to do with a parent
  71. Ask a friend to come round
  72. Mow the lawn
  73. Try 5 new foods
  74. Go on a bike ride
  75. Go fishing
  76. Design your own website
  77. Create a playlist
  78. Play sport with friends
  79. Watch a box set
  80. Learn a new craft
  81. Take a sewing lesson
  82. Buy an item from a charity shop and sell it on ebay for profit
  83. Buy a new magazine and read it
  84. Plan and arrange a BBQ
  85. Offer to babysit
  86. Go trampolining
  87. Go to a concert
  88. Go on a bat walk
  89. Make and fly a kite
  90. Have a Nerf fight
  91. Create some street art
  92. Visit a water park
  93. Go on a picnic
  94. Create a scrap book or Smash Book
  95. Write a play, story or poem
  96. Make a time capsule
  97. Make smoothies
  98. Write a song
  99. Start your own business
  100. Learn a new sport
  101. Listen to an audiobook
  102. Perform 5 random acts of kindness
  103. Stargaze and spot the constellations
  104. Go bowling
  105. Try embroidery
  106. Make an ice cream cake
  107. Watch scary movies with friends
  108. Arrange a sleepover

I would love to add any more summer activities for teenagers you can think of, Leave me a comment and I will add it to the list.

Download your free 101 Ideas for Summer Activities for Teenagers Printable

101 Ideas for Summer Activities for Teenagers

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100 Summer Activities for Teenagers with free printable

Goodfella’s Romano Pizza Review

Another way that I save money over the summer is by encouraging the boys to cook meals and making family meals at home a regular thing.  It saves us lots of money on eating out.  We are big fans of pizza and movie nights (even more so now we have a projector) and the boys are something of pizza experts.   The Romano Pizza range is a premium (and tasty) range of premium frozen pizza with a stonebaked base and fab toppings which cost around £2.50 and if you consider that the report said that parents spend around £609 on meals out, then you can make a huge saving by just being prepared and having some pizza in the freezer.

Mini likes his pizza classic and simple and he loved the four cheese and basil pesto pizza.  I think that simple pizzas are often the hardest to get right and this one was a big hit.  There was too much cheese and the cherry tomato didn’t make the topping too moist which can sometimes be Mini’s issue. The other vegetarian option, chargrilled vegetable and pesto pizza was delicious and full of taste too.

We really enjoyed all the pizzas (yes we ate them al fresco thanks to the fab weather recently) but had a few that real favourites.  MadDad really enjoyed the chicken, roquito pepper and red onion. This pizza had all of his favourite topping on and was really tasty without being too fancy and overpowering.

My favourite was the Calabrese salami and spicy ‘nduja sausage, topped with a chilli and black pepper flake pizza, it was tasty with a bit of a kick but not overtopped which I find a lot of pizza’s to be. Whereas Maxi’s favourite was the pepperoni and chorizo.  

Find out more about the Goodfella’s Pizza Romano range here.

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