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How To Pack A Suitcase Perfectly And Efficiently

How to pack a

Suitcases are great investments, especially for those who travel a lot because they are durable and lighter compared to hard-sided luggage bags. Thanks to their flexibility, they also tend to hold more stuff than hard-sided bags. Packing a suitcase perfectly, however, is more art than science. Fortunately for you (and every traveller), this skill can be mastered quite easily!

Pack for the Weather

Packing the right outerwear for the weather is the number one way to save space. Study local climate patterns and go through weather forecasts thoroughly before you pack. Nights in deserts, for instance, tend to be quite cold. So if you’re heading out to Cairo to see the pyramids, it’s best to stow away the thick jacket and choose a light cardigan instead. Similarly, summers in Iceland are very pleasant. Choose a light sweatshirt over a heavy jacket instead.

Make a Checklist

How many times have you reached your destination, booked into the hotel, and opened your luggage only to find that you’re missing a favorite pair of jeans or an essential medication? To avoid packing disasters like these, make a detailed checklist of every essential item. As you pack away each item, cross it off your list. This way, you’re far less likely to forget the important stuff.

Buy Things in Travel Sizes

The thing that separates experienced travellers from amateurs is travel gear. Experienced travellers usually buy essential items, from toothbrushes to shampoo, in travel sizes. Think of an item like a hair dryer. Your regular sized dryer takes up substantial space. A travel-specific mini hair dryer, on the other hand, takes up only a fraction of that space. Whenever possible, buy things in travel sizes. This will end up saving you a lot of space.

Be a Folding Master

Master your folding technique and you master suitcase packing. You can save a lot of space by folding your clothes into a neat, tight bundle. T-shirts, for example, occupy least space when rolled into a tight, cylindrical fold. Similarly, undergarments should be folded together to save space. Jeans, trousers and dresses, on the other hand, should be laid out flat to occupy as little space as possible.

Packing is never easy, but by mastering these four tips, you can save a lot of time, space, and hassle on your travels.