How to choose a family-friendly villa in Bali

How to choose a family-friendly villa in Bali is paid collaborative post. So, you’ve got your tickets booked – you are coming to Bali this next holiday and you are bringing the kids along. Wonderful! Want your family island stay to be fun and relaxing for all of the family members? What you need is a private pool villa – a place that you can call your home for the whole duration of your stay on this beautiful and exotic island.

10 Fun Family Christmas Party Games 1

Try these fun family Christmas party games with your church, friends, at the office for a work party at school for a class party, or even at an ugly sweater party! I can’t wait to try these for family night this Christmas season! Every year we have a big Christmas Eve get together with my best friend. Between us, we have six boys aged from seven to fourteen. As the years go by we have gathered us a great selection of kids Christmas party games that our boys love.  As much as we love all the games we normally play we need to up our game and find some more family Christmas party games as we have been hosting for more »

How Parents protect their Children from Laser Pointers – Lasers are not Toys

How Parents protect their Children from Laser Pointers – Lasers are not Toys is a paid collaborative post in conjunction with RoSPA. As the mum of a tween and a teen, I am well aware of the lure of lasers. Both of my boys have at some point asked for one and we have had to sit them down and explain that although lasers are fabulous things and have some brilliant uses such as in medicine and industry that they are not toys.

The Importance of Christmas Traditions

The Importance of Christmas Traditions 1

The importance of Christmas traditions is a paid collaborative post with Christmas Tree World.  I am not going to lie, this year has been a challenging one in The Mad House, a person very close to us died and it has weighed heavy on my mind and in my heart since. They left behind a young family and that is what inspired this post and cemented my thinking about the importance of Christmas traditions.

How to make a DIY Believe Christmas Plaque

DIY Believe Christmas Plaque is a paid collaborative post with Bostik. I adore Christmas and I love creating so it goes without saying that I love to fill my home with seasonal pieces that have meaning. This Believe Christmas Plaque came about to remind my boys’ that as long as we believe in Christmas the magic will always be there. Last year was the first year that both of my boys’ didn’t believe in Father Christmas and we had to have that conversation.  You know the one I mean, that not believing in the big man doesn’t mean that you stop believing in the magic of Christmas. In fact, their job becomes even more more »

25+ Beautiful Brown Paper Christmas Wrapping Ideas

There is something magical about brown paper packages and I am a big fan of personalising wrapping and love that brown paper makes fabulous gift wrap. Did you know that not all wrapping paper is recyclable? I didn’t until recently but that is what inspired me to pull together this fabulous festive brown paper Christmas wrapping ideas post.

Tips for keeping safe whilst shopping online 1

Tips for keeping safe whilst shopping online is a paid collaborative post with Mcafee. I am a BIG fan of doing my shopping online. I don’t really like crowds and much prefer to find the perfect gift in the comfort of my own home with the benefit of having it delivered directly to me. Plus the internet has opened up a wealth of independent shops that are no longer available on the high street where I live.

How to make a DIY Leather Wrapped Hip Flask

DIY Leather Wrapped Hip Flask is a paid collaborative post with Bostik. I love adding handmade touches to gifts or even better making them from scratch but I do find guy gifts really challenging especially as I want to gift something that will be used and not just popped in a drawer until declutting takes place.

Metallic Leaf Garland and Decorations

How stunning are this Metallic Leaf Garland and Decorations designed for us by Jane from Snapdragon online. I have been a long time admirer of Jane and love her style and was delighted when she agreed to collaborate with me on a fabulous craft project that is perfect for children and adults alike. 

Paper Plate Baubles – Giant Christmas Decorations 1

Paper Plate Baubles is a paid collaboration in conjunction with Bostik. I have a real love of crating and creating with children and the simple crafts are often the best. These paper plate baubles are simple, mess-free and perfect for younger children, plus they look amazing.  Can you imagine a giant tree with these on perhaps in a classroom?

Remembrance Feather Bauble 3

Remembrance Feather Bauble is a paid collaboration with Bostik. These remembrance feather baubles are so simple to make. Losing someone you love is hard and celebrations seem to make that loss so much more acute in my experience. However, small things can help us remember the people we love and bring comfort when we are missing a loved one.

5 Magical Elf on the Shelf Alternatives

Not a fan of Elf on the Shelf? Need an alternative way to countdown to Christmas? Then don’t worry we have you covered with these super fun Elf on the Shelf Alternatives. I love the anticipation of Christmas and the build-up to Christmas Day and it is something I really remember from my childhood and have always wanted to create for my family.   So we have some magical and creative ways to countdown to Christmas that are not Elf on the Shelf.

DIY Modern Advent Calendars you will want to make 1

These DIY Modern Advent Calenders will have you itching to make your own. I am a huge lover of Advent and the way that it brings so much anticipation to Christmas. I am also really into modern aesthetics at the moment and these DIY advent calendars really hit the mark.

Fabulous Ethical and Plastic Free Gifts for Teens

Buying gifts for teens can be a challenge at the best of times, but buying meaningful and ethical gifts can be hard. So I have got together with &Keep and my boys’ to bring you this amazing Ethical and plastic free gift guide for teens. These are not gifts that will be forgotten about once the festive season is over, these are things that will be used and replaced and also will not hurt the planet. Also, make sure you signup for &Keep’s newsletter as you get 10% off your first purchase.

Simple White Winter Wreath 1

This simple white winter wreath is a paid collaborative post with Bostik. I love wreaths, they are a great way to brighten up the entrance to my home and I love displaying a seasonal wreath. This simple white winter wreath is perfectly stylish and chic but also simple and understated.

Lets Get really Radical and just stop mentioning our flaws 6

Earlier in the year, I posted about how I felt that the body positivity had become hijacked by privileged white cis-gender, straight females wearing size 12 or 14 clothes. It turned out to be a pretty controversial post and I was left feeling silenced and I learned that people do not want to hear about body positivity from an overweight white woman who is disfigured and that it was much more palatable coming from that place of privilege.  Over the summer I  watched the movement and still felt unable to share my feelings for fear of being the dissenting voice in a sea of likes and compliments on how brave these campaigners are.

Design your own Christmas Ugly Sweater – with Printables

Design your own Christmas Ugly Sweater – with Printables is a paid collaborative post with Bostik.  Christmas jumpers are all the rage now, the uglier the better so why not have some fun and host a design your own Christmas ugly sweater party this year.

Ferm Living Inspired DIY Advent Candle 3

I love the simplicity and beauty of this Ferm Living inspired DIY advent candle so much. I have been desperate for a Ferm Living Advent Candle for the last four years but couldn’t justify the cost and finally this year I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own wooden bead advent candle inspired by theirs.

5 Ways to Save on Your Energy this Winter

Ways to Save on Your Energy this Winter is a paid collaborative post with First Utility.  I am all for saving money where I can and I am very lucky that I do not have to prioritise heating over feeding my family, however, I do want to make sure that if there are pennies to be saved that they are in my pocket.

How to make Glitter Feathers 1

How to make glitter feathers is a paid collaboration with Bostik. These Glitter Feathers are going to be used in a number of this years Christmas decorations, so I wanted to show you how to make them in advance.  Then you can make a headstart with the Christmas crafting.