Free Printable Christmas Star Ornaments with Templates

Free Printable Christmas Star Ornaments with Templates is a paid collaborative post with Epson as I am #EpsonAbassador. I wanted to really put the EcoTank ET-7700 through its paces this month, so I designed a free star decoration inspired by the ones I used to make as a child from the previous years Christmas cards.

Simple Paper and Button Christmas Star Decorations 1

These paper and button Christmas Star decorations are so easy to make with children and a lovely invitation to create for over the festive period. To make it even simpler I have created a template that you can print out onto yellow card stock for the kids to cut.

DIY Mini Plant Pot Reindeer Ornaments

These DIY Mini Plant Pot Reindeer Ornaments are such a cute DIY Christmas Craft and perfect for decorating your tree this festive season. Yes, they are Mini plant pot Rudolfs!

Card and Button Christmas Tree Decorations

I am a big fan of simple Christmas crafts and these Card and Button Christmas Tree Decorations certainly fit that bill. Not only do they look amazing, but they are also simple to prep )perfect for busy mums or teachers) and great for kids of all ages.

Lion King Activity Sheets

Enjoy these Lion King activity sheets for children, including Lion King puzzles, a Lion King maze, colouring sheets, door hangers and a delightful mask of Simba to print, cut out and play with. All in all 12 fabulous fun activity sheets to enjoy.

Washi Tape Christmas Baubles with Free Printable 3

These Washi Tape Christmas Baubles with Free Printable are a fabulous Christmas craft to do with kids. Not only are they mess free they look amazing. They are perfect to make with a group of children of all different ages too.

Gold and White Air Drying Clay Christmas Decorations 5

We LOVE making our own Christmas Decorations from Air Drying Clay. Each year we add to our ever-growing collection of seasonal decorations with more ornaments. I have to say that I do love these Gold and White Air Drying Clay Christmas Decorations. The addition of some gold paint has really elevated them.

Fabric Christmas Card Ribbon Christmas card

Simple Homemade Christmas Cards for Kids

I love making Christmas Cards with children. In a world where fewer people send cards, the act of sending a homemade Christmas card can mean so much. Even more so when it is made by children.

Ford Tourneo Review

Over the summer we took four teenage boys to France and were lucky enough to be offered a Ford Tourneo for the journey. These boys’ were all taller than me and two of them were taller than the husbeast. We knew we were going to need a seven-seater, but even then most of them do not have the luggage room that is needed when you are travelling.

EcoTank RT-7700 Unboxing and Review 1

EcoTank RT-7700 Unboxing and Reviews a paid post for Epson. Over the next six months, I will be working with them to produce some amazing content.

Simple and Tasty Pumpkin Pancake Recipe 1

This Simple and Tasty Pumpkin Pancake Recipe is a paid collaboration with Touchnote who have teamed up with xpat American Instagrammer Hungermama to bring you this tried and tested recipe for Cobwebby Pumpkin Pancakes.

Treads – School shoes that last 1

Treads – School shoes that last is a collaborative post (they provided me with one free pair and a pair to giveaway). I have never lied about the fact that I have a child that kills school shoes. In fact, I think that school shoes take some stick from most children. For my boys, it is not just wearing them at school, but also the football in the playground. Mini seems to be especially hard on his shoes.

Teen Bedroom Update 1

Teen Bedroom Update is a paid collaborative post with Bostik. Over the last six months, we have been working on updating Mini’s bedroom. You can see exactly what we did on our earlier post. However, he has been desperate to move his Xbox to his room over the winter from the conservatory as the rain means he needs to have the volume loud.

DIY Halloween Mummy Trick or Treat Bowl 1

DIY Mummy Trick or Treat Bowl is a paid collaboration with HARIBO for the #HariboShareTheScare campaign. Don’t you just love a five minute craft that is easy and even better reversible and it is the perfect bowl to welcome your trick or treaters with this Halloween especially when filled with my boys’ favourite HARIBO ScareMix.

Top Tips for Travelling to Orlando 1

For some people, a trip to Orlando is a once in a lifetime trip (I have been once with all my family and once on a press trip with Maxi). Travelling to the USA can be expensive and if you are like me then you will want to make sure you have all bases covered like getting your ESTA ! My brother and his family travel to Orlando on a regular basis (it is their happy place) and so he is sharing some of his top tips for travelling to Orlando.

DIY braided headband (Alice band) 1

I LOVE a headband, perfect for keeping my wild hair off my face when I work espeically as I don’t like tying it back all the time. Decorative headbands are all the rage at the moment so I decided to try making a DIY braided headband.

Simple Paper Leaf Garland with Free Printable

This paper leaf garland is easy peasy to make, so much so that it is almost embarrassing to do a tutorial for it! I love making simple seasonal decorations and this Simple Paper Leaf Garland is the perfect companion to our paper leaf wreath and I used the same free lead templates and paper.