Gifts people working from Home will really love 4

I have been working from home now for 14 years and the husband has also worked from home most of the week since March this year, so I thought I would put together a gift guide for people that work from home – gifts that they will really love and appreciate, not ones that will go in the cupboard until they can re gift them!

Free Printable Christmas Wish List 2

These free Christmas wish lists will help your child, and everyone else in the family, really pinpoint what they want for Christmas this year.

How to give your child a global perspective with a summer school

In our vastly interconnected world, it’s more important than ever for our children to develop a rich global perspective. Summer schools are fantastic ways to increase your child’s creativity, empathy and ability to understand diverse issues around the world, as well as giving them an advantage in an international workforce.

Over 45 Fabulous Firework Craft Ideas 8

We love fireworks here in the Mad House and there is something about the beautiful colour and bangs that really appeals to me and the boys and also inspires is to have fun and explore our creative side with firework art.  So I have gathered together best Bonfire Night and Firework Craft Ideas to help inspire you and your children.

Choosing the best dog for your family 5

Choosing the best dog to join our family was one of the hardest decisions we ever made.   I am not going to lie, it filled me with dread.  I was worried that we would make the wrong decision and I would be left to pick up the pieces and that it would really change the family dynamic.  Having a pet is a big responsibility and It really scared me, but I also knew that as a family we would all benefit from having a dog.

Tips and Tricks for Making Your Own Pasta 2

Making your own pasta has many advantages – you can control the exact ingredients, such as the quality of the flour, the number of eggs and whether they’re free-range, the quality of the oil, etc. It’s a lot of fun to make pasta as a couple or with family and friends. Best of all, homemade pasta tastes terrific!

Must-Have Advent Calendars for Tots to Teens 2

I am a big fan of advent and finding the small joy in each day leading up to Christmas, This is why I love advent calendars. I remember the joy of being a child and taking turns with my brother to see what image lay behind the door.

Top ideas to add space to your family home

Is your family home bursting at the seams?  For most of us, moving to a new house isn’t on the cards right now.  So, how do you make the most of the space you have?  And how do you know it’s money well spent?  

Halloween Activities for Half Term 1

If you are looking for Halloween activities for half term then you have come to the right place. Halloween falls during half term this year so I have gathered together some fab activities that you can do with the kids on a Halloween and Autumn theme.

Advent and Christmas Books to Treasure at Any Age 2

I was busy updating my list of Kids Advent and Christmas Books and I realised that actually over the years our collection has grown to include many Advent and Christmas books to cherish at any age. You know the type, ones that will become family heirlooms or that you get out each December to read again and again.

Scandi Style DIY Advent Calendars 2

I am a massive fan of DIY advent calendars especially in the Scandi style (well they do everything festive so much more stylishly)! Plus they seem to focus on the little things that matter rather than big flashy advent calendars with gifts.

The best DIY Christmas Keepsake Decorations 1

I am a massive fan of Christmas keepsake decorations We have loads we have made over the years graduating from salt dough, to homemade clay and then to air dry clay and even microwave clay. I love having something which we bring out each year to remind us of christmases past, plus they make the best gifts for grandparents and godparents.

9 Reasons Why Gymnastics Are Great For Kids 2

Gymnastics is a comprehensive activity that is not only physical but also mentally and socially beneficial. The best time to get into gymnastics is as a child, as it challenges children and provides a healthy outlet to expend their energy while learning a few important skills. The rewards are numerous, and kids have a lot to gain from gymnastics. Here are nine great reasons why you should enrol your kids in a gymnastics class as soon as possible.

The benefits for Children of Owning Fish 1

The benefits for Children of Owning Fish is a paid collaborative post for on behalf of Mars Fishcare and the API brand. Growing up my Grandad had an aquarium and my Granddad never did anything by halves so I remember it was huge. In fact, it was a number of tanks that filled the entire wall of the dining room. Even as a little girl they would memorise me and I found it really soothing to watch the fish.

Free Printable Halloween Cards to Colour 1

I love any reason to celebrate and if we can not trick or treat this year, then I am certainly sending Halloween cards and these free printable halloween cards to colour are fun for all. How ace would it be to give one to all the key workers that you know.

35 Amazing Pinecone Crafts 1

We love crafting with pinecones. There is something magical about nature crafts and bringing nature into your home. Plus we always have loads of pinecones as the boys always seem to find Autumn treasures, so pinecone crafts for the win!

Free No Trick or Treaters Signs to Print 3

Not everyone loves Halloween and these free No trick or treaters signs for you to print are to help ensure that your wishes are respected especially during these difficult socially distanced times.

How to get the Hallmark Channel in the UK

I have a dark secret…… I LOVE Hallmark seasonal movies, so I am going to share how to get The Hallmark Channel in the UK. Yes, they all have the same formula and become predictable, but in a crazy world then that makes me seriously happy. They are that comfortable blanket that you get out year after year.

Pinecone Hedgehog

Pinecone Hedgehogs – An Autumn Kids Craft 27

How cute are these Pinecone Hedgehogs? Pinecones are just amazing.  Autumn has such beautiful bounty and one of our favourite crafts of the past was our pinecone owls and when we got them out recently Mini commented that pinecones look a little like hedgehogs, which is what inspired our pinecone hedgehogs.