DIY Terrazzo Polymer Clay Ring Dish 1

This DIY Terrazzo polymer clay ring dish is a simple way of using up leftover coloured polymer clay. You can really mix things up by using different colours. Not only are they really simple to make they look fabulous. Plus Terrazzo is making a real comeback, in fact, I think it might be the new DIY marbling! This would be a really great handmade homemade gift.

Free Summer Colouring Bookmarks 8

These free summer colouring bookmarks will really brighten up any summer reading that you do.  They are perfect for any summer reading program and are a fun addition to a rainy summer day.  They would make the perfect addition to any book you might gift too.

Free Summer Colouring Bookmarks

5 Reasons to Choose a Villa for your Next Family Holiday 1

5 Reasons to Choose a Villa for your Next Family Holiday is a paid collaboration with Clickstay. Before I was a parent my idea of a fabulous holiday was being waited on hand and foot. One where my needs always came first and foremost. However, since having children I have come to realise that if they are happy then I am happy.

Cake stands make elegant table pieces for a party and making them couldn’t be more straightforward with our Blu Tack Hack.

DIY Temporary cake stands 5

DIY Temporary cake stands is a paid collaborative post with Bostik. Cake stands make elegant table pieces for a party and making them couldn’t be more straightforward with our Blu Tack Hack.

My Modius Journey – 45 Days in 2

This is a paid collaborative post with Modius and have been given a headset for the purposes of this project but if you’re keen to try out Modius for yourself,  you can get a fab 15% off your purchase using the code ‘Jen15’. Click for more information. So we are 45 Days in and time for the first Modius Headset update.. Have I lost any weight? Well, you will have to keep reading as I am not going to tell you yet!

Top Garden Trends 2019

For the last 10 years, my garden has been a football pitch, sandpit and vegetable garden. Now that my boys’ are older the garden is back to being a more adult domain, so I have been researching the top garden trends for 2019. One of the biggest things I have noticed is that garden trends seem to stick around. it is not about moving on from one trend to the nest and sustainability is a BIG thing.

Being Empowered by Powertools 1

A couple of weeks ago I was invited to Ryobi’s annual conference which is usually only for the companies distributors and I wanted to share it with you as it was such an empowering day filled with crafts, DIY and gardening.

Citroen C5 Aircross: Review 1

This Citroen C5 Aircross Review is a collaboration, in association with Citroen. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I do love Citroens. I drive an eight-year-old bright green Citroen C3 which we have nicknamed Snot Rod and I love her more than I thought it was possible to love a car.

Free Father’s Day Cards and Printables 3

Is there anything better than a homemade card and I have been through my archives to find you a fabulous selection of free Father’s Day cards for you to print and give to the kids. I do love a freebie and even more, I love a homemade card, so if you combine the two you have free father’s day cards and printables and you are on to a winner.  Over the years I have had some fabulous cards and printables designed and I wanted to round them up so you can see them all in one place.

Flooring for Families

Today I am passing the blog over to one of my longest blogging pals. Chris Mosler has been blogging about her life with four children and one husband at Thinly Spread since 2010 but she has a secret string to her bow which she is sharing today – she also runs Hicraft Wooden Flooring alongside her husband! 25 years of experience in the flooring industry means she is well placed to share her reasons why wood is the top choice for family floors.

A Bedroom fit for Teen Boy 5

Mini turns 13 in June and his bedroom hasn’t been working for him (or me) for quite a while. He moved from the box room to a larger room back in 2012 and we didn’t decorate the room. The only change since then was changing his bed from a midsleeper to half the bunk bed we used to have.

New potato, spring onion & cheddar quiche 4

New potato, spring onion & cheddar quiche is a paid collaborative post with Tesco Jersey Royal Potatoes. There is something amazing about the Jersey Royal Potato season, to me, they are the cream of new potatoes and as the daughter in law of a farmer, I understand the importance of eating seasonally. Tesco Jersey Royals are delicious, earthy and nutty and one of the traditional foodie signals that Spring has arrived. They are available only between April to July.

Make your own DIY Vintage Map Tray 3

Make your own DIY Vintage Map Tray is a paid collaborative post with Bostik. Turn a charity shop tray and a vintage map or print into a fabulous personalised Vintage Map tray perfect for any travel fan. I made this as a trinket tray for Mini’s travel themed bedroom.

Dealing with age-related Rosacea and Redness 5

One of the hardest things for me about aging is the fact that my sin espeically on the checks has developed a redness or rosacea. I have no issue with growing old gracefully and have embraced my silver hair. But I am not so keen on looking as though I am always blushing.

Chai Tea Bag Cookies with Free Printable 1

Chai Tea Bag Cookies with Free Printable is a paid collaboration with Bostik. Everyone that knows me will testify to the fact that I love tea. So when I was asked to come up with a British craft I thought tea and why not combine my love of tea, crafting and cooking and bring you chai tea bag cookies with a free printable tag. 

20 Fun and Adorable Spring Crafts for Kids 11

Can you feel Spring in the air yet?  I think I can and I have started thinking about Spring crafts for kids and we have a fabulous selection of crafts that kids will love here.  I love Spring, the garden is filled with vibrant colour after a long, cold winter and the days are getting longer fast.  I LOVE spring because it means more outdoor time, butterflies, birds, bugs, flowers and spring showers.

Simple Carrot Easter Wreath 1

I’m also excited for Easter and springtime decorating and I kept seeing those cute little glitter carrots at the supermarket so decided to make a simple carrot Easter wreath as we all know the Easter Bunny loves glitter carrots.

Last Minute Simple Easter Bags – Free Printable

Here is a last minute easter project that you are going to love, espeically if you are like me and have forgotten the Easter Goodie Bags. There is no need to panic as with our free printables these simple easter bags are effective and quick to make.