Rainbow rainmaker or rainstick – Cardboard tube craft 22

We love crafts that can be made from recyclables and this rainbow rainmaker is a great cardboard tube craft, plus is a great home made musical instrument.  There are lots of ways to adapt this project depending on the age of your kids, however, we decided to use some of my massive stash of washi tape and make our rainmaker a rainbow of colours. Traditionally rainmakers or rainsticks are believed to have been invented by the Aztecs and were played in the belief it could bring about rainstorms.  Rain is not something we need more of in the UK, but without rain, you would never get rainbows. Rainbow rainmaker or rainstick – more »

Free flower colouring page for adults 18

Since I know how much you all like free adult colouring pages, I have teamed up with another of my favourite creative people Leslieanne from Leslieanne made it  to bring you this beautiful free flower colouring page for adults.  This is the first of what I hope will be a monthly page.

Melted Crayon Art 24

I love finding ways to engage my boys with art and as they are getting older I am finding it harder and harder to make it about the process and not the outcome.  However, this melted crayon art is all about the process and I had so much fun watching Maxi (10) create these amazing melted crayon art canvases.

Melted Crayon Art - This is a fab process art activity for tweens and teens that produces stunning results. A great alternative kids craft for using crayons. This DIY craft has to be seen to be believed.

Easter Crafts, Activities and Food for Kids - Looking for Easter crafts, activities and food for families? Well, look no further I have a complete resource of them all in one place for you, including DIY Crafts, Easter recipes, Egg Decorating, Cards and simple art activities for kids

Easter Crafts, Activities and Food for Kids 11

Looking for Easter crafts, activities and food for kids? Well, look no further I have The Mad House’s complete resource of them all in one place for you here. As I do more I will make sure that they are added, so make sure you pin or bookmark this page. I love learning, creating, making and baking seasonally and you these Easter Crafts and activities are perfect for introducing kids to Easter.

Coolest playhouses for kids 19

I have always loved playhouses and encouraging the kids to play outside no matter what the weather. What with the weather in the UK being inclement, to say the least, a playhouse is a great investment for any family.   When it comes to playhouses the cooler the better, so here in conjunction with What Shed we bring you our coolest playhouses for kids.

Acts of Kindness Jar – Acts of kindness for siblings 9

I am a huge fan of random acts of kindness and always being kinder than you need to be.  it was a lesson my dad taught me well and one I hope to be able to pass on to my children.   Each Christmas we carry out Advent Acts of Kindness and last summer we did a summer kindness project, but we needed something closer to home and this is where our acts of kindness for siblings come in.  We created an Acts of Kindness Jar

Helping kids manage their money 1

Helping Children manage their money is a commissioned post for TSB.  Do your children have bank accounts? I am working with TSB and Emily at A Mummy Too and the Tots100 team to help you educate your children with regards to their finances and to help encourage your kids to manage their money better.

10 Must know cleaning hacks. Make cleaning up simple with these amazing cleaning hacks. It is all about working smarter now harder. Why had I never thought of number 9! facebook

Cleaning Hacks for Busy Mums 10

I am always on the lookout good cleaning hacks as I love having a clean home, but I hate spending time cleaning!  The less time I spend tidying and cleaning is the more time I can spend sitting reading a good book or catching up on some TV.  

The importance of tooth care in kids

As adults, we all know that looking after our kids teeth is important and that we need to help protect their teeth from decay, but did you know that acid wear caused by acids found in fruits, juices and soft drinks is also a real threat to our children’s teeth and a growing concern to dentists?

Washi Tape Hearts – Preschool Process Art 20

I have a real love for washi tape and this fab preschool process art project was great for using up some of my stash.  The washi tape hearts make a beautiful garland if you are so inclined like we turned ours into, but you could also use them on cards or just write on the back of them.

Family Safari and Wildlife Holidays in the UK 13

If your kids love all kinds of wildlife, but there’s not enough money in the savings pot for an African safari – don’t despair! The UK is packed with all manner of high-quality safari wildlife parks, zoos, and farms to keep the most ardent animal lover happy.

DIY maths game for kids – Out of this world maths 19

Sara-Jayne from Keep Up with the Jones family is back today with a DIY maths game for kids, which we are calling Out of this world maths.   Sara-Jayne is mum to three boys under six and is a Junior School Teacher.  This post is part of our learning with manipulatives series.

Hot Glue Gun Confetti Heart Cake Topper 17

We had a blast when we made our New Year Confetti Hot glue gun numbers and we had a rather large amount of confetti left, so we decided to have a go at making a hot glue gun confetti heart cake topper for valentines day.

The ultimate family winter hair care guide

Noticed it or not, but your hair, as well as your skin, goes through a lot of problems during the cold season. The dryness, coldness, and various other factors harm your hair more than anything during this time of the year.

10 Amazing wet weather play ideas 12

My boys love playing outside and during the summer, I have no issues getting them outside playing with their friends.  In fact, I know that they will be either playing football (soccer) for my US readers or cricket most afternoons after school.  It is much harder to encourage them outside in the cold or wet weather now they are older.  But just look at these 10 amazing wet weather play ideas brought to you in conjunction with WhatShed.

How to make paper beads from wrapping paper

How to make paper beads from wrapping paper 18

Have you ever tried to make paper beads?  This was our first attempt at them and I am already sure it will not be our last.  We have had some great fun making paper beads from leftover wrapping paper this week.  It is a super fun activity that is perfect for working on fine motor skills with kids.

How to live smarter 10

I am all for living smarter.  Anything that can save me time, money or allow me to make my life easier is a winner for me.  For me, smart living means making the most of my time, money and home, allowing me to have a more meaningful life.  Yes, that might sound deep, but in reality, it is just about living wisely and understanding my priorities.

How to live smarter

Did you know you can save up to 25% on your utilities and heating costs with this one simple home decor tip

Save Energy by installing the right blinds 8

One of my big things for 2016 is trying to be as energy efficient as possible.  It bugs me when we spend money that we don’t need to.  This puts money in the energy companies pockets when it could be in mine!  This is one of the reasons that I am delighted to be part of the Institute of Inertia.  We have been currently looking at working our way through the Mad House and updating inefficient products and we have recently been considering blinds.

Sensory Heart Tic Tac Toe 24

Today’s fabulous Sensory Heart Tic Tac Toe idea is brought to you by Sara-Jayne from Keep Up with the Jones family.  Sara-Jayne is a fellow mum to boys, she has three under six and is a Junior School Teacher.  This post is part of our learning with manipulatives series.

Sensory Heart tic tac toe

Printing Flowers with Celery Stalks

Printing Flowers with Celery Stalks – Vegetable Printing 11

You can really create some beautiful artwork and patterns by printing flowers with celery stalks or other vegetables.  You can use the artwork for Mother’s Day cards, valentines day or for wrapping paper or you can just have fun experimenting with different colours and patterns.