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Paper Plate Santa Craft for Kids

This paper plate Santa for kids is a wonderful Christmas craft that is simple and fun to make. We are getting the festive season and simple and fun kids Christmas crafts are such a brilliant way of keeping them occupied and off screens for a little while.

Paper Plate Santa Craft for Kids

This Santa made using a paper plate is brilliant to make with a group of children or at home. it really is perfect for little hands and independent crafting Kids love sticking and gluing and this Santa and a wonderfully fluffy cotton wool beard that is so tactile.

A full step by step tutorial to make this super cute Paper plate Father Christmas - a great low mess , low supervision christmas craft for kids.

How to Make Santa Using a Paper Plate

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Materials & Equipment:

You really don’t need much equipment or materials and no scissors so perfect for younger children when you can’t be hyper vigerlant.

Paper Plate
Kid-friendly paint
Cotton balls or cotton wool pleats
PVA Glue

Paper Plate Santa Step by Step Tutorial

Step 1

Get the kis to add their name and the date to the back of the paper plate. That way this simle craft can become a family keepsake.

Step 2

Using the kid-friendly paint, divide the paper plate to create an area for his face and for Santa’s hat. Ideally the top third of the paper plate will be Santa’s hat, the middle of the paper plate his face and the botton his beard.

Step 3

Once the paint is dry then add the detail for Santa’s face, A big red nose (it is cold out there on his sleigh) and black eyes. You could use a black marker, or crayon for this Santa’s eyes (or googly eyes) rather than paint or even punch Santa’s nose and eyes using a circle punch for the children to stick on. There really is no right or wrong for this and the children can add their individuality, some might want to add eyebrows, a mouth, rosy cheeks or even a mustache to Santa’s face.

Step 4

Apply a line of PVA Glue under the red of Santa’s hat and add a row of cotton balls fluffed up to make the trim or the brim of his hat. Then move on to Santa’s beard, again adding PVA.

Step 5

Paper Plate Santa Craft for Kids

Before adding morte fluffed up cotton wool to to make a fluugy white beard. If you have a selection of cotton wool, you could use the trips to make it super lone. It really is up to the kids creativity, we are not looking for identikit Father Christmas’.

Step 6

Paper Plate Santa Craft for Kids

Finally add a cottom wool ball or white pom-pom (I love these white glitterball pom poms) to finish off Santa’s hat.

This cute Paper Plate Santa is a simple and easy Christmas Craft for Kids. Perfect for little hands and independent crafting.

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