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We are big fans of yarn crafts and weaving here.  I have tried and failed at knitting and crochet in the past, so love crafts that are achievable for everyone and this paper plate weaving is a super craft.

Paper plate sunflower


Wool – UK Link/US Link
Paper plates – UK Link/US Link
Plastic needle – UK Link/US Link
Scissors – UK Link/US Link
Washi Tape – UK Link/US Link
360 degree protractor (UK Link/US Link)


How to make Paper Plate Flowers



You can make your flowers have lots or few petals.  You just need to make sure that you have an UNEVEN number of petals.

paper plate weaving

Maxi loved working out the size of the petals.  It is a simple maths project.  We decided on 11 petals.  So divided 360 (the number of degrees in a circle) by 11 and then marked them out on the rear of the circle. It helps to find the center of the plate to do this.  We then extended our marks to the edge.  We love our 360 degree protractor (UK Link/US Link).

paper plate weaving 1

Using those  marks, we then cut the petals.  If you have younger children then you might want to do this for them.  We shaped our petals.

paper plate weaving 3

Now is the time to add the warp threads to your paper plate.  We made a small hole in the center for the wool and then wrapped it around each of the petals across the plate before tying it off at the back.  We used colour that blended with the plate for this.

paper plate weaving 4

Then we started with the weaving.  To make it simpler for children we used a plastic needle with a large eye for the wool.  You could use a bobbin for older children (you make one by anchoring the end of a 5- or 6-yard length of brown yarn by winding it around your forefinger a couple of times. Then wrap the rest of the yarn around your whole hand. When you have about a foot left, carefully pull the wound yarn from your hand. Wrap the loose end around the center of this yarn a few times and tie it to secure). Tie the end of the wool to one of the yellow threads to secure it.

Paper plate weaving5

The weaving process is simple.  You go under and over the warp (yellow) thread.  We used a variegated brown for the center of our flower as we were making sunflowers.

paper plate sunflower

How beautiful would a wall of paper plate sunflowers look in a classroom!

Make these stunning sunflowers. Paper plate weaving is a simple kids craft and looks amazing

We added ours to sticks that we had wrapped with washi tape and taped them to the back of our paper plate sunflowers.

Paper plate flower


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Make these stunning sunflowers. Paper plate weaving is a simple kids craft and looks amazing

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