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Treating head lice has always been a real challenge, especially when I do not want to expose my children to chemicals and nasties.  This is where KIT & COCO come in.  I really believe that they are going to revolutionise the treatment and prevention of head lice.

Effective paraben free head lice and nit treatment. We review KIT & COCO who are going to revolutionise the treatment and prevention of head lice.

I am going to admit that I am currently scratching my head, even though I know that we are all head lice free!  As a mum of two school age boys I know all there is to know about head lice  and the myths surrounding the critters as they are known in our home.

The boys have been putting KIT & COCO through their paces and trying out their products.

Effective paraben free head lice and nit treatment. We review KIT & COCO who are going to revolutionise the treatment and prevention of head lice.

What we love about KIT & COCO

  1. It effective plant-based active ingredients to free little heads from tiny pests!
  2. It is simple to use and paraben free.  We didn’t have any reactions and Maxi has eczema.
  3. It is based on coconut oil and is also a moisturising treatment for the hair.
  4. It is so simple to use, either 15 minutes to kill the lice or 45 minutes to eradicate the lice and the nits.
  5. It isn’t all about treatment, but there is a focus on prevention that we feel is ingenious.  The protective mousse protects and nourishes the hair for 24 hours and Maxi loved it on his curls.  Whilst the protective spray is a great detangler and perfect for using on the KIT & COCO headband.  I think the idea of using the protective spray on to hair bands or hair slides and scrunchies is a great way to protecting long hair.
  6. The treatment leaves the hair really soft and easy to comb through.  This is something we have had issues with in the past,  I have very thick hair and Maxi hates his hair being combed.

Effective paraben free head lice and nit treatment. We review KIT & COCO who are going to revolutionise the treatment and prevention of head lice.

In the past when one of the boys got head lice, it would mean that the whole family had to go through treatment and weekly combing for two to three weeks to ensure that we didn’t keep passing it to each other and it was always such a chore with sour faces all round.  Using KIT & COCO has been a real pleasure.  It doesn’t sting or have a noxious smell. It isn’t greasy and you do not have to wash the product out.

I would still wash bedding, brushes, sofa, cushions, toys, hats etc (anywhere heads have been resting or touched) . Whilst head lice cannot survive away from the human head for much longer than a day or so, it’s still probably a wise move to do a good wash of the things or if you can not wash them then give them a hoover or pop them in an airtight bag to avoid re-infestation.

Effective paraben free head lice and nit treatment. We review KIT & COCO who are going to revolutionise the treatment and prevention of head lice.

Each of the KIT & COCO sets is brilliant and you get pretty much everything you need.  The Complete Treatment Kit contains everything you need to combat head lice and nits, including four treatment shampoos (we used one shampoo on Mini, one and a half on Maxi and I needed three), gentle ergonomic nit comb, applicator brush, protective shower cap and a surprise treat (which the boys LOVED) and has an RRP of £15.75. You can also get a refill kit consisting of four shampoos for £10.75.

Mythbusting - Head lice and NITS products

The 24-hour protective spray with a stylish headband accessory is £12.50 – we would love a larger spray without the headband please and the mousse is £9.50.


I did manage to get a snap of Mini mucking around in the headband!  We are now real fans of the KIT & COCO range and have been telling everyone how great they are.

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Win One of Five KIT & COCO treatment kits

5 kit and coco treatment

I have teamed up with the wonderful people at KIT & COCO to give five lucky readers the chance to win a KIT & COCO treatment kit.


Effective paraben free head lice and nit treatment. We review KIT & COCO who are going to revolutionise the treatment and prevention of head lice.

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46 thoughts on “Paraben Free Head Lice and Nit treatment

  • Caroline Williams

    Primary school was my favourite time during my school years, when I was around 9/10 years old, on one afternoon a week we would visit a small village in derbyshire called Eyam to learn all about the plague. I loved it there and we have recently joined the national trust and one of the places we can visit is Eyam Hall, definitely something on my to do list to take my children 🙂

  • Jodie Harvey

    i always loved sports day and playing on the field at lunchtime making daisy chains

  • JuggleMum, Nadine Hill

    These kits look fab – reading this post has made me realise that it has been a while since we got the dreaded ‘the class has nits’ letter sent home from school. I hope we don’t get one any time soon but at least I know what to buy if we do!

  • Sarah Ebner

    It’s certainly not headlice or the nit nurse (though I wish they still had them). I think it’s just having fun with my friends.

  • Emma

    We had a real problem with headlice in Denmark, mainly because they only sold one or two treatments and neither were effective at all so they just kept doing the rounds. This sounds great!

  • Anne

    I always loved taking part in school performances and my favourite one was when we did an ‘old tyme music Hall’ show when I was around 10 yrs old.

  • Karen Langridge

    I really liked hanging out with my friends, sometimes we got to play card games if it was near end of term and that was another highlight! Plus the school trips were quite fun especially Alton Towers and Ironbridge x

  • anthea

    Sports day, I used to love all the teams excitement and fun competitions … the sack race and three legged race was just the best

  • Becky Duffy

    I remember having the most merit marks in class at one point and being so proud of myself! 🙂 good old days x

  • Liska @NewMumOnline

    I have had an email from these guys but as Aaron has never had lice/nits I didn’t give it too much thought but your review is so amazing I read every sentence – so comprehensive. I use coconut oil on his curls every day – I wonder is that why he is saved every time they go round school I often wondered why he never gets them.
    Liska xxx

  • Sonya Cisco

    We use the prevention spray every day – and not only have we had no nits this year – it also help de-tangle Syds mop top in the mornings!

  • Globalmouse

    We spend a fortune on the traditional oily shampoos so I would absolutely love to give this a try – my daughter has such long hair (she can sit on it!) and I just find it so hard to get rid of them. This sounds great.

  • Caroline J Robinson

    My favourite memory at school is at primary school, not having a care in the world, everybody used to play with each other, French skipping, kiss chase, collecting conkers, I even used to like the free school milk, and loved the puddings in the canteen,

  • Andrea Smith

    My fondest memory from school is NEVER having nits, because we had the nit nurse. Nitty Nora the Flea Explorer ~ Bring her back!!!!

  • Jenny Harlow

    This would be very helpful for my son as his hair just seems to attract them especially when he’s mixing with other children in nursery

  • Vicky Robinson

    I really hated school due to bullying, but my fave memory is when in primary we went for a 3 day visit to Derbyshire, visiting mines and all sorts, staying in a youth hostel. It was amazing.

  • nicola james

    leaving haha………..although now im all grown up and remembering my mams words,she was right i wish i was back!!

  • Ruth Wollerton

    I loved sports days unfortunately the most memorable one was when I broke my ankle after falling over doing the three legged race.

  • Denielle Nicol

    I didn’t enjoy school but I did enjoy seeing all my friends and the antics we got up to so that would be my fondest memories of it. Dxx

  • ellie spider

    someone stealing the sprouts off my plate of school dinner 😀 I hate sprouts and the dinner lady would never let me leave to play until they were gone! I dropped something on the floor bent down to pick it up and they were gone from my plate – like magic!

  • Catherine Booker

    Wow, so many memories from school days…I guess just being ‘grown up’ enough to walk to school by myself…turns out my mum just wasn’t too hot on being a mum but there ya go! 😉

  • tee simpson

    When it was your birthday you got a treat from the special bix and a cuddly bear sung happy birthday to you

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