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Parenting is the hardest job I have ever had.  In fact it isn’t really a job as I can not resign, can I?  So anything I can do to make it easier is great by me.  In the past I think parenting hacks were often just called tips, but no matter what they are called I totally dig finding new ones.  I used to think that some of these hacks were just old wives tales (like the vapour rub on feet), but when you have a child coughing at 3am, you will try anything!

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My Top Parenting Hacks


To stop night time coughing, rub vapour rub on their feet and put socks over them. Try it, it really works.  Source A Day in my life


Take a photo of the kids when you arrive at your destination of you are having a day out and then in the unlikely event that they get lost you can remember exactly what they were wearing.

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Take along some baby powder or talcum powder when you go to the beach, you cover the sandy area in baby powder and then leave it a couple of seconds before brushing it off.  No more sand scratches.   The baby powder absorbs the water in the damp sand, making it easier and softer to brush off.  See more of my beach hacks here.

baby powder damp sand

I love this tip from Kids Activities Blog about using silicone cupcake liners to keep your car cup holders clean.  When they get grubby, wipe them out.


Glue up the holes in your bath toys so that there is no water goes inside and you get that horrible black mould in them.  Source We love being Moms


Use a plastic or paper cup to protect little hands when using sparklers. I have been doing this with the boys since they were tiny.


Share your Parenting Hack and Win

Sudocrem parenting hacks

So these are my top five parenting hacks and I would love to know yours.  In fact I am working with Sudocrem to find their top ten amazing parenting hacks.  The top three parenting hack on my blog will win a Sudocrem Summer Goody-bags and the top parenting hack nationally will win £100.
Sudocrem Parenting Hack

Top parenting hacks - tips and tricks that every parent and grandparent needs to know.


parenting hacks

38 thoughts on “Parenting Hacks – Share Yours and Win!

  • Michelle

    I often wonder when the word tips became hacks…! I love the bath toys one, wish I had know that my my boy was a nipper – the amount of bath toys that got thrown away because of that icky black stuff!

    • Jen Walshaw Post author

      I know, I wondered that too! But hacks do better for keywords! I guess it is an internet thing. I am sure you must have some great tips., come and share them!

  • Pinkoddy

    I am old skool and still prefer the word tips – but these are great whatever you call them. I always take photos of my kids at the start of the day when we are going out too. Now I just need life hacks for tweens and teens.

  • JuggleMum, Nadine Hill

    Ooh I love the silicone cupcake liners hack! My own tip is to get two wash baskets for laundry – one black, one white (I got mine from IKEA) then place them side by side in the bathroom. Teach your children and teens to put their washing into the appropriate bin then it is pre-sorted for when you do your washing! It also encourages them not to leave clothes everywhere!

  • Erica Price

    I’m with Michelle on the hacks thing. I always expect to see something else on a page about hacks. My tip is to have a bag for each activity, so for instance for swimming have a dedicated bag with all the swim stuff and as stuff is washed and dried put it back in there, so you can just grab and go.

  • Julie Tift

    When sharing something between two children, for example a cake, get one of them to cut the cake and the other one picks the piece they want, this makes them more aware of the fact that the slices should be even otherwise they are going to miss out…

  • Laura Pritchard

    Instead of spending lots of money on a playpen, an inflatable pool makes a great playpen for babies.

  • Rachel Craig

    I would say make the most of your time with the children, as they grow up so fast. Enjoy playing outdoors, playing family board games. Make up a family memory book with information, photos etc of Days Out, at the Seaside, Birthdays, Stating Nursery etc, etc, etc.

  • Sue McCarthy

    I don’t have any children but would love to win this prize to donate to charity, to go to Romania.

  • Fritha

    taking a pic of your kids when you arrive somewhere is such a good idea! I once lost Wilf at the zoo and was rushing around saying ‘have you see a boy in a red coat??’ when I found him he was in a yellow coat! x

  • Pam Smith

    Not just for infants….leave a bowl of water in rooms with radiators. The air gets very dry and this helps to humidify the room. Obviously, with small children, leave the water out of reach!

  • Sue Bowden

    If little one gets a bad nappy rash (fingers crossed they don’t) beat a couple of egg whites together and wipe onto their little bums, the egg whites act as a film and stops the rash becoming worse – I have done this this – a bit messy but it works x

  • Mrs Sallyanne Metcalfe-Mullins

    I’m sure this is not a new hack but I wash all Bertie’s bibs in a zip up mesh bag so the Velcro doesn’t ruin his other clothes….

  • Keri Jones

    My favourite hack is one you have already mentioned- using baby powder to remove sand from skin. I have told so many of my friends about it and they have all been grateful 🙂 x

  • Kirsty Moles

    I only have a 7 week old, so I’m learning a lot rapidly!
    But my best hack so far, is to put the liners into the reusable nappies as soon as they’re clean and dry. Saves any panic in a poo explosion moment!

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