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The parents ultimate guide to scooters

Kids scooters come in all shapes and sizes and also all sorts of prices for £10 to a couple of hundred.  It can be hard to break through all the jargon and find the right scooter for your child and even harder to understand why one scooter is OK for going to and from school on, but no good for the local skate park.

My boys have both pretty much worked their way through what seems like hundred of scooters and I have discovered that there isn’t a one size fits all solution and even now we have six scooters in the garage and I often feel as though I could open up my own shop.

parents ultimate guide to scooters

The parents ultimate guide to scooters


It is worth investing in a good stunt scooter

It is really important that your kids have a really good quality stunt scooter if they plan to try  jumps, tricks and stunts on it or use it at a skate park.  Stunt scooters are designed to withstand a LOT of punishment.

Stunt or extreme scooters as they are know don’t feature a folding mechanism or adjustable handlebar height, instead, they have a one piece handlebar which is much stronger.  They also tend to be heavier that a folding scooter due to the parts being reinforced for strength.


Stunt scooters are more expensive than a recreational scooter and can cost from £80 to more than £250, but remember you are paying for a scooter that will take some pounding and is much more robust.

Most extreme scooters are designed for any ability level and suitable for ages 7 years and above.

Maxi has a Micro MX Trixx Scooter (which he has had for over 2 years and  Mini a Zinc Zycho and both love them and would not swap for each others!

We have had the Zinc Zycho for three months now and are really impressed with it.  It retails at £120 and is a hit at the skate park and on the street too.  It has become Mini’s go to scooter and he is not willing to share it will anyone!

The Zycho scooter uses 7000 series Aluminium – With its zinc elements the material flexes under stress and returns to its original shape. The Zycho also features a Zinc integrated sealed threadless headset and is compatible with HIC and standard bars. Zero offset one piece wedge forks and a CNC square neck for extra durability.  The Zycho has an integrated 4.5″ wide x 19.5″ long deck. The deck a rounded bottom for ultra fast grinds won’t catch like a square edge. 

What the above means is that it is light, flexible, but very, very strong.  It is great for grinding much better than any previous scooter the boys have had.

The Zinc Zycho certainly turns heads at the Skate park and Mini is really confident on it.  His tricks have really come on since he received it.

Miss Frugal has a Zinc too and you can read her review on it here.

Our local skate park will NOT allow folding scooters to be used.

Three wheels can be better than two

Mini Micro Scooters are the perfect start scooter for small children and my best friends two year old is happily scooting about on the boys old one.  They are incredibly stable and easy to use, even for young toddlers, giving them confidence and independence. They are also great value, portable, stylish and lightweight.

Maxi Micro Scooters are the next step up, great for older children than still need the stability, but they are also superb for speed and great for everyday scooting.  Perfect for the school run (as long as you do not have to carry them home).

Not all folding scooters are made equal

Folding scooters, with adjustable handlebars are great recreational scooters.  They are often aimed at kids aged four and over, but I have seen three year old’s on them.  Personally I prefer the click in to place adjustable height handle bars, rather than the ring hold ones as they feel much more secure, but they are less variable.

It is essential to make sure that the folding mechanism is secure and hard wearing and that it is easy to fold.  Both my boys still have a folding scooter as they are perfect for packing in the car if we are going on holiday and for two and from school, especially if you have to bring it home.

Kids love to personalise their scooters

It is not just about scooting, but about scooting in style!  You can buy loads of stickers and add on’s for scooters now from bar wraps to grips.  You can also pretty much replace any damaged part, especially on a stunt scooter.

If in doubt ask a parent or an older child

Most of my information has been gleaned from other parents at the skate park or the older kids.  The staff are also full of great information too and more than willing to offer advise.  A good scooter is really an investment and it is important to make an informed decision otherwise it could just end up gathering dust in the garage.

Disclosure: we were sent a Zinc Zycho to review for this post and this post contains affiliate links. 


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