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Paris 2024 Mascots Colouring Pages

Before you make a start on these Paris 2024 Mascots colouring pages for the Olympics and Paralympics, let us learn more about the Phryges, the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games official mascots.

Paris 2024 Mascots Colouring Pages

Who are The Phyryes?

This year’s Olympic and Paralympic mascots are The Phyres who are based on a Phrygian cap which is an important and familiar symbol in France. The cap which dates back to ancient times is a symbol of liberty, revolutions, the French Republic and freedom, the Phrygian cap can be seen depicted in busts at town halls across the country as well as on stamps, and is also covered in the national curriculum in schools. The soft red cap, also known as a liberty cap, is an updated version of a conical hat worn which is a symbol of the pursuit of liberty in the French Revolution — and is still worn by the figure of Marianne, the national personification of France since that time.

The French National Archives show records of Phrygian caps which are also known as liberty caps (as they represented the liberty fought for in the french revolution) worn during the construction of Paris’ Notre-Dame cathedral in 1163, during the revolution of 1789, during work to build the Eiffel Tower, and during the Olympic Games in 1924. 

Olympics Organisers said they didn’t want to choose an animal or other creature, like mascots at previous Games, but instead wanted something that represented an “ideal.” They said they chose the cap as an “allegory of freedom.” The choice to use the Phrygian cap for the Paris Games is a nod modern France and the ancient world. “The Phrygian cap embodies the ability we all have together when we collectively decide to rise up to strive for better,” Paris organizing committee brand director Julie Matikhine said. The two mascots will be dubbed “Les Phryges,” which The Paris Olympics website explains that their name is pronounced: “fri-jee-uhs”.

The two mascots share a motto of “Alone we go faster, but together we go further”, and the Olympic Phryge is described as having a “methodical mind and alluring charm”, while the Paralympic Phryge is “spontaneous and full of energy and enthusiasm”. The Paralympic mascot has a running blade prosthetic leg, making it the first time that a mascot for the Games has had a visible disability which hopefully sends a strong message of inclusion and visibility.

The little Phrygian caps really are cute red mascots have blue eyes and big colored sneakers, they also wear the tricolor ribbon and a big friendly smile and represent French spirit.

There are not just two Phyryes – there is a whole tribe of them representing all the sports on offer over the games and there will be lots of merchandise available nearer to the games.

We are so obsessed with them, that we had to create some colouring pages for you with both the Olympic and Paralympic version. I mean just look at the Phyryes playing wheelchair tennis.

Paris 2024 Mascots Colouring Pages

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I always print my printables directly onto 160 gsm cardstock using my Epson Ecotank Printer rather than regular paper, this way they are a little more durable and the pens do not bleed through to the other side.

I always print my printables directly onto 160 gsm cardstock using my Epson Ecotank Printer rather than regular paper, this way they are a little more durable and the pens do not bleed through to the other side. However, if you do not have a home printer then just pop to a library and use theirs.

Paris 2024 Mascots Colouring Pages