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Our #PaypalMoments on The Polar Express UK

We are working with PayPal this Christmas on their Magical Christmas Moment #PayPalMoments campaign.  It is an ace competition where they are giving people the chance to win some great prizes (find out more on the PayPal Facebook Page). They challenged me to shop for Christmas using PayPal and then share with you our Magical Moments that we created with the time we saved. Well here is the first.

The Polar Express UK

The MiniMad’s are eight and nine and WANT to still believe in Father Christmas.  They both often have questions about if he is real, but are unsure, so when we were offered a trip on The Polar Express UK at Weardale I jumped at the chance to keep the magic in this Christmas as all you have to do is believe.


The Weardale railway is around 35 miles away from us, but takes over an hour and half to get to as it is along winding roads in a really beautiful part of the Weardale.  MadDad know’s this area well as lots of his clients are based round and about, but it was the boys first trip out that in to the Dale.

To prepare for our trip we watched The Polar Express on DVD again and got in to our PJ’s and onsies, yes the excitement was building.  The boys Best friends had been on board the night before and told us that the parking was on a field next to the station and was well organised, but could get muddy so boots were essential for the small walk to the station.

We set off in time to get their 45 minutes early to collect our tickets from the ticket office.  The boys got special gold tickets and  then we had a look in the cafe and the small shop (both are in a marquee and heated really well).  Both are also priced really well and the boys got a copy of the book for the train, sweets and some christmas decorations.

Magical polar express

The boys were almost bursting to board the train and I was beside myself with excitement so we joined the queue.  The train boards really fast and we were escorted to our seats by one of the Chefs’.

We were in premium class and had spacious seats and a commemorative mug was waiting for us.  The journey itself took around an hour and a half and was filled with magic for the kid, the parents and grandparents alike.  Almost everyone was in their PJ’s and we spent the journey drinking hot chocolate, eating cookies, singing, dancing , listening to The Polar Express story and the the boys to meet Father Christmas and get their special sleigh bell.

I dont want to give to much away, but it was a truly magical ride for all of us, really made extra special by the fantastic staff. The Chefs, Conductors, Hobo, Elfs and Father Christmas made sure that the children and adults were totally engaged in the experience.

It was a truly magical experience and the boys have already asked us to book it for next year! Want to see more of our photos from the night, then take a look at The Mad House Facebook Page.

So this was our first PayPal Magical Christmas Moment, made possible by time saved from buying with PayPal this Christmas.

A personalised Sleighbell Decoration


In addition to the boys Sleighbells from The Polar Express, we were sent a personalised Sleighbell Decoration from Getting Personal.  It is engraved with Maxi and Mini and the date that we rode the Polar Express and is going to be a wonderful addition to our Christmas Tree Decorations and one that will remind us each year of the fantastic trip that we took.

Disclosure: We are working with Papal this festive season and both Getting Personal and The Polar Express provided The Mad House with free samples for review. 

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