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Pen pals for Children Required and Secret Post Club

We all love receiving mail and Heather at Notes from Lapland has started the secret post club to satisfy  the need to send and receive little parcels in the mail.

I received my wonderful parcel this week and it was  lovely to receive something in the mail.  I was paired with Silent Beauty, American Mom in England and I received some wonderful yarn and two special boxes of yummy treats.

Now this got me thinking and I would love to start something similar for the children in our life, but rather than sending a present, it becomes a letter swap.  Old fashioned pen pals.
Image Creedit D Sharon Pruitt
I would love to encourage maxi and mini to have better penmanship and to encourage them to write, but to also communicate effectively by mail and there is something wonderful about receiving mail, even as a child.
So If you would like to get involved then either e-mail me (address as the bottom of the blog) and I will co-ordinate.  Initially I will need the age and sex of your child or children  and any preferences and then I will pair them up.  I think it would be nice for the children to remain pen pals long term, so that they can develop a relationship,
It will be great to tell them about the are they live, their family, their interests, hobbies, holidays etc. 
So come on sign up and lets get our children writing, lets introduce them to the joys of letter writing and receiving and lets keep penmanship alive.