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Fabulous Festival Footwear for Families

Fabulous Festival Footwear for Families

2017 has been a year of festivals for us and now the season is over we have collaborated with Mastershoe to bring you our favourite festival footwear for families.   So footwear for tweens, mums and dads that can cope with festival days and nights and also that are perfect for life in the country.

Perfect Festival Footwear for Families

So what makes good festival footwear?

  • It has to be comfortable as you are often on your feet all day and night, so happy feet are key to having a great time.
  • Waterproof, but warm.  The one thing that my boys have hated in the past is that yes wellies leave their feet dry, but cold, not anymore!
  • Stylish.  Yes, I am a mum, but that doesn’t stop me wanting my feet to have a lit bling and look great.
  • Good value.  I wouldn’t purchase shoes just for a festival, I need them to last and be wearable long term.

Fabulous Festival Footwear for Families

Fabulous Festival Footwear For Tweens

We are big Bogs Wellies lovers.  They tick all the boxes for my boys.  Easy to get on as they have handles to grab and pull on.  Rather than being full rubber wellies, they have neoprene legs and are really comfortable and flexible.  They keep your feet warm even in sub-zero temperatures.   They are also really comfortable, even for dancing in (just take a look at Mini doing Drum and Bounce at Nozstock in his)!   My boys love theirs so much and wear them a lot (well, they are farmers grandsons’) that this is their second set.

Brilliant Festival Footwear for grownups! 

When it comes to me I tend to live in my Birkenstocks when it comes to festivals, as long as it is dry.  I have to say I love how comfortable they are and also how supportive they are.  This year I opted for silver Arizona with the soft footbed.  I love the glitter silver and it was a fun update.

Birkenstocks also stand the test of time as I am still wearing some that I bought before the boys’ were born.

When it is muddy or wet, then I opt for my Joules Welliebobs.  What are welliebobs?  They are ace for ladies with larger calfs as they are ankle high wellie boots.  I have had my current pair 7 years and they are still as good as new.  Oh and they also have a furry lining making them snug and warm.

MadDad, on the other hand, swears by his Timberlands and has been wearing them on and off for the last four years! For him, it is about being comfortable and having dry feet and his walking boots are waterproof and worn in.  Plus he only ever takes one pair.

Fabulous Festival Footwear for Families