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Perfect games for Children

Whenever I am asked for recommendations for games or toys to buy for younger children I often recommend Orchard Toys.  It is one of the first things that come to mind and both my boys have grown up loving and playing Orchard Toys.  In fact at one time or another I think we have had every single game in their range.  When the boys outgrown them I have passed them on to friends with younger children, these games are universally loved.

spooky steps

I love them for the following reasons:

        1. They are easy to play
        2. They are suitable for toddlers,  preschoolers  and upwards upwards
        3. They are fun and educational
        4. They are not mind numbing for adults
        5. They encourage independent play. My two can play without adult supervision
        6. They often combine chance with strategy, which means that people of multiple ages can play
        7. They are often 3D, however are easy to assemble and really strong and sturdy
        8. They are designed to hold children’s attention and are played over a short period of time.
        9. They encourage and enforce educational skills through play without the child even noticing.
        10. They are reasonably priced, perfect for gift giving.
        11. They have great longevity
        12. Super playability
        13. They work within children’s short concentration spans

Spooky Steps


We were recently sent Spooky Steps, which is a fun game for 4 to 12 year olds and focusses on maths skills.  It costs £14.99.  The boys both loved this and built it and played independently without any input at all from me and MadDad.   The instructions were clear and concise and they loved the 3D effect of the game board.  The quality of the materials is really obvious and although it has been played with extensively it does not yet show any signs of wear.

The object of the game is to  creep through the spooky house to reach the cauldron and break the witch’s spell.  It encourages math skills, but also adds chance to the game, so evening out any age differences in players.

As a parent this game was a real hit as it meant that the boys were using mathematics in a meaningful context without even realising that maths were involved.  This is the joy of Orchard Toys.  If your child means a little encouragement in a specific area you can focus on it without them even noticing and it makes learning a fun experience through play.


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