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Perfect Gifts for Grandparents and In-Laws has been updated for 2023. I always want to get the perfect gifts for the boys’ grandparents. One of the hardest people to buy for is the in-laws who are now the boys’ Grandparents, well they are in my opinion and even though I have been married over 25 years I still have difficulties in choosing what to gift them. I want it to be meaningful and tailored towards their likes.

Find the greatest Gifts For Grandparents that express your love.  Heartfelt Gifts For Grandparents That’ll Show Just How Much You Care.

When the boys were younger we went for personalised gifts all the time from homemade shopping bags and fingerprint mugs. Or even a calendar with the boy’s photos on it as they really were the perfect gifts for grandparents.

Find the greatest Gifts For Grandparents that express your love.  Heartfelt Gifts For Grandparents That’ll Show Just How Much You Care.

Handmade gifts for Grandparents:

  1. Patchwork plant pots
  2. Homemade coasters
  3. Painted plant pots
  4. Painted porcelain
  5. Dishwasher safe mugs
  6. Salt Dough jewellery
  7. Kid stamped bags
  8. Kids silhouette images
  9. Tealight holders
  10. Recycled art bookmarks
  11. Homemade Spa treatments
  12. Tea cup candles
  13. Image on a pillar candles
  14. Fingerprint heart
Find the greatest Gifts For Grandparents that express your love.  Heartfelt Gifts For Grandparents That’ll Show Just How Much You Care.

But now they are teens and not so picture perfect (well I think they are, but they are also more camera shy)we have to think of different things to get them.

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Great Gifts for Grandparents

1) A Rechargeable Hot Water Bottle

One of the things that always concerns me about my inlaws is filling a hot water bottle as I worry that they might spill the water on their skin. This Stoov Homey Electric hot water bottle takes away all that worry. The Homey is a cordless electric hot water bottle with infrared technology and a rechargeable battery. It has three heat settings and can stay warm up to 5 hours on a single charge of its lithium battery.

2) A Family Newspaper Subscription

How about a newspaper that gets delivered filled with family news on a regular basis? This was a massive hit with my inlaws. Famileo is a brilliant gift to give as a whole family to an elderly relative. Famileo is an app that allows you to produce a printed newspaper on a regular basis. Basically, it is like a family what’s app group you can add photos and information and then it is gathered together, printed and sent to the recipient.

3) A HIVE Smart Thermostat

With the cost of living crisis, I can not recommend this enough. We have had a HIVE thermostat (UK Link/US Link) for the last ten years and LOVE it. It would make the perfect gift for the inlaws or grandparents as it means that they can easily control their heating and water temperature. No fiddling with a tiny white box and pressing loads of buttings, instead they can do it on the app, which is so much simpler or by using Alexa or Google Home.

4) Amazon Prime Subscription

For my Father in Laws birthday we bought him a Fire Strick, he is a farmer and wanted to watch Jeremy Clarkson’s Farm. It has become a godsend as our local TV mast burned down and it has been their only source of TV since. They are in their 70’s and they have found it so simple to use and now have Prime Video too! Get your FREE 30 Day Amazon Prime Trial. I now just pay for Prime annually as their birthday gift.

5) Alexa Show

Whilst we are talking of Alexa, we have also bought the grandparents and Alexa Show in the past and it is brilliant as a hub for all the other smart devices we have added to their home. (UK Link/US Link).

6) Mobile Phone and SIM Card

We have been looking at phones for the grandparents and two options keep coming up. The IMO Q4 Pro which is an android phone and perfect for those that are a bit more technically minded. It comes with face unlock and lots of details that you would expect from a more expensive phone. It would be perfect for my Mother in Law.

Whereas the IMO Dash 4G would be perfect for my Father in law – he who forgets to charge it. He doesn’t know how to answer it and also amazing 8 days standby time and up to 7 hours talk time on a single charge. It also has a camera in case he needs to take photos and is on pay as you go with Tesco Mobile.

7) Smart Home Pack

We gave a Neos’ Smart Home Product Pack a few years back to my inlaws and it is great value at under £100. Over lockdown, my Brother in Law has installed this into their home and the Neos’ system is really great value and can be added to at any time. The Smart Home pack comes with a camera, a motion kit and a smart leak kit (which has been invaluable).

8) Dashcam

A couple of years ago we went halves with my BIL and bought the parents a Nextbase Dashcam which gave us all peace of mind. Again we had to make sure that we (well the BIL) installed it! (UK Link/US Link). We love this version as it meant we could add a rear-facing one later. They haven’t had to use it, but honestly, it has provided loads of peace of mind since we did.

9) A Food Gift

Another treat that we always get my MIL is some Betty’s tearoom blend tea – she loves it. Sometimes when buying gifts for grandparents the one you already get is the perfect one.

The Tastes of Betty’s tin is a brilliant way to get some wonderful Christmas treats and I know that my In-Laws will love this. And whilst I am talking about Bettys you have to order their speciality Yorkshire Fat Rascals which are my husband’s favourite and I like the Family of Rascals so you get to try every flavour including the new gooey rascals.

10) Robot Vacuum

We have a Eufy Robot Vacuum at home and honestly, now I have one, I would never be without one. It is amazing. Ours has the self emptying function so I only have to empty it every two months or so. It would be an excellent gift for any elderly person, as it would mean they don’t have to vacuum and yes it works on carpet, hard floors and rugs (or a combination of all as we have). There is no bending down to empty it, just every couple of months to change the bag in the changing station.

11) Personalised Calendar

My inlaws love their annual gift of a personalised calendar featuring images of their grandchildren over the previous years. They specifically don’t buy a calendar themselves as they have come to expect one from us and they love them and have kept all the previous years. It is a great gift that gives throughout the whole year.

12) Tickets to See Live Music

My inlaws love listening to music, especially live Music. They have seen Daniel O’Donnell more times than I can remember. They really enjoy going to see other musicians who have similar styles locally, so we keep en eye out for gigs and such for them. They much prefer experiences to material things, especially as they don’t really want for anything.

13) Jigsaws

My Father in law has always loved jigsaws and these ones from Cloudberries are a little different and a bit more modern and an ace gift. I know the rooster one would be right up his street.

14) Screen Magnifier for Smartphone

This Screen Magnifier for Smartphones is a great idea for older people. No more struggling to see their smartphone screen instead they get to see it much more clearly on a larger screen.

15) Heated Washable Throw

One of the things I have noticed is that as people get older they seem to feel the cold more. This washable heated throw is perfect for heating the person, rather than the whole house, not only that but it is much more efficient in cost than increasing the heating.

16) Hand Cream

Older people tend to have very tender skin and My MIL has really dry hands and this SEAMS Hand and Nail Oil is perfect for her. Designed for sewers it is ideal and £22.50. This oil is a great nourishing treatment for your hands & nails that’s not greasy! I have got her the hand cream this year which sinks in immediately.

Whilst we are talking about hand care, I rave about Nursem to everyone. I discovered this fabulous brand through lockdown and love it. I swear by their hand wash and hand cream for a non-greasy finish. Use my link and you will get a £5 discount and so will I from my next purchase. My MIL loves the stronger skin fix.

17) Bird Feeder

My inlaws love seeing what birds come into their garden but their eyesight is not what it once was no this netvue bird feeder would be amazing for them. Or as a cheaper option, the Window Bird Feeder with its suction cups would be great.

18) Family Game

The Good Life Game is the perfect multigenerational game and definitely one to get all the family around the table. I even have a 10% discount for you, just use the code ‘wheelbarrow’, The perfect gift for grandparents for all the family to play with.

19) Pet Portrait

This is Mini is one of my In-laws two Maltese Dogs who are their pride and joy and this year we have got them a Pet Portrait Photoshoot from Red Letter Days. All I can say is I know that it is going to be such a big hit already!

20) Motion Sensor Lights

These motion sensor lights are perfect for more elderly parents. No need for wiring or drilling – simply peel off the adhesive pad and stick the base onto any smooth surface. This wall-mounted torch lights body easily attaches to the base with its built-in magnet and it recharges with USB.

From gadgets to creative ways to display family photos, the best gifts for grandparents and elderly relatives are here.

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