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The Perfect Mother’s Day Idea – Nixplay Iris Photo Frame

When you ask us Mothers, what we want for Mother’s Day, you will often just hear a lie in and a home made card.  Truth be told, it can be really hard to find an appropriate mothers day gift, but I think I have found it with The Nixplay Iris Photo Frame.

We have had a digital photo frame before, bit wow the technology has really moved on and the Nixplay Iris Wifi Cloud Frame is amazing.  Basically, it means that you can upload photo’s directly to the frame on wifi over the cloud from your computer, phone or tablet and from apps such as facebook and Instagram.

The 8inch silver silk metal finish frame we received is really well made and designed and looks great in our room.  The photo’s really pop on the high-resolution display and look amazing no matter what time of the day it is as the frame comes with a light sensor that adjusts the screen brightness depending on the ambient light levels in the room ensuring that you get clear and vivid images. We uploaded pictures taken professionally, taken on my point and shoot camera and also on my phone and they all looked fabulous.

It took me all of 6 minutes to set up the photo frame.  I didn’t even open up the booklet.  All you need to do is plug in the frame and follow the onscreen instructions.  Yes, it walks you through it all in picture and video format.  This makes is ideal for any generation.

We have really benefitted from having a digital photo frame in our living room.  We took 15 minutes or do to upload over 300 images to it.  it is such a talking point, not just for visitors, but for us as a family too.  We have been reliving memories and talking about where we were when specific images come up.


What really makes a Nixplay Iris the ability to invite family and friends to send photos directly to your frame. You can do this with the web app (above) or via an IOS or android app.  We are always being asked by my in-laws for new images of the boys and the Nixplay Iris has totally solved that problem.  Our plan is to give my Mother in Law the frame for Mothers Day and to upload images on to it on a regular basis.  We are also going to give my Brother-in-law all the details, so he can share directly to the frame too.  That way she always has up to date images of all her grandchildren.  In fact, she can have up to 1100 images on the frame.

But what about turning it on and off you ask?  Well no need to worry about that as you can set up a schedule and also it has an activity sensor and automatically turns on and off conserving power.  I really can not find anything negative to say about this innovative photo frame.  We love it.

I am delighted to have teamed up with Nixplay to giveaway a Nixplay Seed Photo frame.
Nixplay Digital Photo Frame

You can also grab a 20% discount, as they have a Mother’s Day Sale.  20% off all frames in the Nixplay Shop with the voucher below

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