Picture Perfect Meme 7

Linda at ‘You’ve got your hands full’ tagged me with the Picture Perfect Meme, which Tara at Sticky Fingers started.
You have to show a picture that your children have drawn about you.
You may remember that a little while ago MaxiMad made a trip to the local sorting office where he saw the life cycle of a postcard he had previously posted.  Well on that postcard was a picture of his family.

A while back MadDad ordered me the the wonderful Handmade home by Amanda Blake Soule, who is Soulemamma.  In it she makes Portrait Bookmarks (she has a free PDF with the instructions on here). 
I thought these were a great idea for the Grandparents at Christmas, but thought I would give it a try with the above drawing first.  Now I haven’t embroidered since school, although I have been know to do a couple of cross stitches, so it is by no means perfect, but I love the finished product.
I have backed it with some denim from an old worn through pair of jeans and used ribbon from my stash.  I already had the tea towel I have embroidered on to and the thread from an old cross stitch, so this has cost nothing.
I was so proud of MaxiMads drawing and this is a fitting way of recording it and one I will get to look at all the time.  I have already started on the rest of the family and everyone should get one for Christmas.

7 thoughts on “Picture Perfect Meme

  • Brit in Bosnia / Fraught Mummy

    I love it. I've just picked up some embroidery silks, maybe I should try some…

    ps – I tried our your castle and it worked ever so well, so thanks for the idea. The turrets have come off 100 times already and Adam has installed a couple of canons but it has been a hit!

  • Sarah

    Oh fabulous!!! That's just how my three year old draws people too! What a very lovely gift. And that ribbon is just perfect. What a fab mam you are.

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