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How to make picture tile coasters

Picture tile coasters make great gifts for moms or Grandparents and are so easy and fun to make.

They also make great frugal teachers’ gifts.  We picked up our tiles from the discount section of the DIY superstore as the box was broken and it was £1 for 10 four-inch tiles and we have been using images from our fab FujiFIlm Pop Books.

picture tile coasters

We love filling our home with the kids artwork and with pictures of the MiniMads, but I only have finite space for all their creations, so when I was contacted by Fuji about their Pop Book App for the iPad and iPhone I was hooked.  Those who know me, know that Instagram is my happy place.  It is where I post images and sneak peeks of what we are doing and it also has all the boys creations on.


So I decided to give the Fujifilm Pop Book app a go and ordered two 4 inch square books at £4.99 each.  Each books has 21 images in and it took me and Mini less than 5 minutes to download the Pop Book app, pick the images we wanted and to order each book.

pop book 1

We chose to have our Pop Books with a white background and have one with a matt finish and one with a gloss finish and we willed them with images of the boys crafts and artwork.

pop books 3

The Pop books are a brilliant size to just pop in your handbag and rather than get a phone out to show some pictures you could bring out the book.

With Mother’s Day coming up we decided to transform some of the images into picture tile coasters as a gift for Nana.

How to make picture tile coasters

Being 4 inch square the photo’s from the Fujifilm Pop Books are the perfect size to make picture tile coasters.  We popped them on to some cheap tiles that I had to make coasters for Grandma for Mother’s Day.


picture tile coasters

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  1. 4-inch ceramic tiles
  2. Felt
  3. Glue
  4. Pop book pictures
  5. Mod Podge – we used the dishwasher-safe one so that it creates a seal and is safe for hot drinks


Making picture tile coasters really is simple, making it the perfect craft for tweens or teens to do on their own.  We picked out which image we wanted to place on  the tile and cut it from the book.

Then we trimmed the white edges off.

Coat the tile and the rear of the image with mod podge before sticking on the tile.

picture tile coasters

Cover the top of the image with mod podge and allow to dry.

Make sure you add a couple of thin coats.

tile coasters finnished

Once dry, then turn over the tile and apple 4 triangles of felt to the underside.

picture tile coasters1

The boys love having a book with the things they have made in and we have been looking at other ways to use them so keep your eyes open for another post showing just how we are using the images from the Pop Book through our home.

I have 5 Fuji Film Pop Books available for readers of The Mad House to win, just fill in the Gleam competition mechanism below:

Pop Book Competition

picture tile coasters 3

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