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Pipecleaner Firework Prints

We love Bonfire night and fireworks and I need little excuse to get the paint out!  So we have had a go at pipe cleaner printing and making fireworks on black paper as they look so effective.  These Pipe cleaner firework prints are easy to do and look great too.


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  1. Black paper
  2. Paint – we used metallic and nonmetallic poster paints
  3. Pipe cleaners
  4. Paper plates

How to make pipe cleaner firework prints

pipecleaner printing stars

We started by making our pipe cleaners into the shape we wanted.  We used 4 30cm pipe cleaners bend in half and then twisted round to create a handle to hold and  spread the ends out like above.

We used a paper plate for each of the colours of paint and made a pipe cleaner star for each of the paints as to stop contamination of colour, plus it meant that everyone could get involved as there were lots of pipe cleaner printers.

pipe cleaner prints

Dip the pipe cleaners in paint and stamp it on the piece of paper.  Make sure you press press each pipe cleaner against the paper.

We also did this with glow in the dark paint and the result was amazing.

pipecleaner fireworks Collage

Even the most art reluctant child seems unable to say no to the lure of paints and a huge sheet of blank paper!

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