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Pizza Colouring Pages and Pizza Night with Chicago Town

Pizza Colouring Pages and pizza night is a collaborative post with Chicago Town’s new pizza range – The Pizza Kitchen.  We love pizza night here in The Mad House, in fact, Saturday night is often pizza night, although admittedly homemade.

I was asked to try out the brand new Pizza Kitchen range which is made with a unique Deli Crisp crust and is generously topped with mouth-watering deli-style toppings. Chicago Town guarantees this pizza will mean clean plates and smiles all around.  Even Mini was willing to give them a go and he doesn’t like frozen pizzas at all, so this was going to be a real challenge. I really love the idea of being able to have a pizza in the freezer to take out on nights when we are short of time.

We decided to try them out on Halloween night when the boys were desperate to get out and trick and treat.  Firstly these frozen pizzas take between 12 – 15 minutes in a hot oven, so I gave the boys some colouring sheets to crack on with whilst I cooked them.

Pizza Colouring Pages


I have really missed having the ability to have a pizza from freezer to table in 15 minutes and really was hoping that these would fit the bill with Mini.  The range consists of four new flavours, Cheese Medley, Deli Pepperoni, Roasted Chicken and Garden Vegetables – all with tasty deli style toppings.

The cooked really evenly in the oven even when we cooked three (as the boys had a friend over for dinner). The crusts were crispy and each pizza had lots of lovely topping.

And as you can see from above even Mini tucked in.  He really enjoyed the pizza and said the crust tasted like tiger bread. Pizza night was a great success and I was delighted there wasn’t a crumb left. I have already bought some more to pop in the freezer!

Turn family Pizza night into an event with these free pizza colouring sheets to download in conjunction with Chicago Town The Pizza Kitchen & The Mad House