Please don’t blog every day on November – NaBloPoMo 13

NaBloPoMo, an acronym that sends a shiver of fear though my heart.

NaBloPoMo – what do those innocent looking letters mean?

 NaBloPoMo – National Blog Posting Month.

National Blog Posting Month, or NaBloPoMo, is a month long writing exercise intended to occur annually in November. The first NaBloPoMo occurred in November of 2006, and was the brainchild of an American blogger. It was inspired by National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which also happens every November.  Now I have no issue with NaNoWriMo which was founded in 1999 by authors in the San Francisco Bay Area who wanted to motivate themselves into producing more written work.  This challenge requires authors to produce a 50,000 word novel within one month.

But writing a blog, is not writing a novel.

I have to say for me blogging is about quality not quantity and I often find myself just bypassing blogs that I normally enjoy on a regular basis during the month of November.  A large part of me feels that if you do not have something to say on every other day of the year what makes November special?   It is a dark, dank and often dismal month in the UK and I look forward to reading blogs filled with all sorts of inspirational writing, making, baking and tales of everyday life.

Please don’t get me started on writing prompts.  Who need a daily prompt of what to write about? Get a journal people and spare the readers.

Oh and yes, before anyone says it is a free world and I don;t have to read if I don’t want to, well I know that and I won’t be.


13 thoughts on “Please don’t blog every day on November – NaBloPoMo

  • Knitty Mummy

    I agree, I’ll be doing the same thing and skipping over those that post every day – I’m sure most people’s lives are just as dull as mine, I would drive people to self harm if I made them read what I had written every day for a month!

  • helloitsgemma

    I took part last year and really enjoyed the experience of blogging/writing everyday as well as being part of the community around the NaBloPoMo. I didn’t use the prompts. I found the whole thing creative and inspiring. I appreciate it’s not for everyone and I did feel bad for people that are subscribed to my blog having to face me in their inbox everyday for a month but actually it was more positively received that I anticipated. I am amazed the number of people who blog everyday anyway and that has motivated me to consider doing it again this year. I can understand if people don’t want to read my stuff. I guess it’s a bit like some guest posts the blogger gains but not necessarily the reader and so people don’t read.

  • Tattieweasle

    I did it last year and got quite stressed by it but in general I found it a good exercise by the response I got. As for me and my blog we will enjoy reading the blogs we do and probably won’t be joining in this year…maybe NaNoWriMo…that could be interesting!

  • Tigerinspace

    I seem to be posting most days but then I’m new and over-excited. Suspect that if someone told me I *had* to write everyday then that would be the last thing I felt like doing…

  • (Mostly) Yummy Mummy

    I think I have to agree with you on this one. Horses for courses and all that but I think I’ll be bypassing much of my reader in November too for the same reason. The one thing that I absolutely love about reading blogs is just how individual they are. Once you start adding in rules about you must post everyday and here is your prompt, it kind of kills the joy for me.

  • Midlife Singlemum

    I didn’t realise it was an annual thing. I supported two or three bloggers last year by commenting on every post they wrote in November. it was fun to do once but I won’t do it again this year. In January I found myself blogging every day and after 20 days it became a bit of a challenge to see if i could complete the month. In the end I managed 30/31. When I missed out a day i was actually pleased as i also felt that writing to a quota wasn’t what my blog is all about.

  • Vic

    If it were a choice between NaNoWriMo and NaBloPoMo I’d definitely be writing the novel, even if it did end up being way more time consuming.

    If I post every day throughout the November it’ll be because I want to and I have something to share, not because it’s November and everyone else is doing it.

  • Gillian

    Agreed! I don’t mind reading other’s daily posts, it’s just that I know what I am like and I don’t want to get sucked in to the daily posting craziness! How do these people find the time?? x

  • Jayne

    This is my third year of blogging; I attempted NaBloPoMo the first year and failed, ignored it last year but intend on taking part this year.

    For me, it’s not about following prompts or writing to a formula, it’s about challenging myself to find new inspiration and motivation. I may fail, but it’s a challenge and I think it’s nice to challenge oneself every now and again.

    I think it’s sad that you won’t be reading any blogs taking part as I think you might just miss out on some great posts on blogs that have been rejuvenated by getting involved. Also, just because people will be posting slightly more regularly, it doesn’t have to mean that the quality will suffer, especially if it’s a writer you already enjoy. As you say though, it’s your choice and you’re more than entitled to ignore it all.

  • Emma

    This has given me real food for thought Jen. I guess its about balance and whilst setting yourself a challenge to blog maybe just what is needed to get you focussed or whatever it must also be about quality and not just writing something for the sake of it. I am considering doing it because I think it could be motivating however if I feel like I am blogging for the sake of it and not becuase of something I really want to say i’ll stop!

  • Susan Mann

    I agree, I love Nanowrimo this is the first time in 3 years I’m not joining in, but no way should it be done on a blog. It would drive you nuts. x

  • Purplemum

    Honestly I think each to their own. I followed a blogger last year who did it and they came out with blogging gold most days. I think like most things blog you can write what and when you like, after all as you say folk don’t have to read it.

    The thing I do find annoying is the stupid name it has, I can’t remember it and it doesn’t make sense to my anti depressant addled brain, urgh.

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