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Pompom tailed bunny garland

How cute is this bunny garland! I have not hidden my love of pom poms from you and Easter is the perfect time to use pom poms in your crafts.  This pompom tailed bunny garland is adorable and so simple to make.  If you don’t fancy making pompoms for it, then make it smaller and use cotton wool balls for the fluffy tails!

pompom tailed bunny bunting

How to make pompom tailed bunny garland




  • Pom poms (or you could use cotton wool balls)
  • Bunnies cut from card
  • Ribbon
  • Single hole punch
  • Glue dots – I love that this is a roll, so easy to use


bunny template

Trace out your bunny images – I drew mine on paper and then traced them on to a cereal box card to make them sturdier.

Using the cereal box template  the boys traced the bunnie on to card and cut out.  We had two different bunnies, one with a floppy ear!  We chose to use lemon and pink card, but this would look fantastic on any colour card.

bunny tails

Stick pom poms on bottoms (yes that is one of our pompom chicks photobombing)! We are a big fan of Blue Tack glu dots as they need no drying time and are perfect for kids of all ages. The minimads are now old enough to use a low melt glue gun, but I always supervise them.

bunny bunting

Punch holes in the ears and thread through the ribbon

pompom tailed bunny garland

We always have lots of pompoms on the go and love our pompom maker.  Making pompoms is a super way to unwind and we often sit chatting making them.  If you are unsure of how to make them, then maxi demonstrates below:

It just so happens that we had plenty of white pompoms left over from making our sheep, so our bunny tails are white. But the beauty of pompoms is you can use scraps of yarn and your bunnies could have multicoloured tails.

bosticbunny bunting square


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