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Pong Ipad Case review

I mentioned that we were testing out a Pong Ipad case on a previous #freerangesummer post and we have now had it for five weeks  and I have to say I am really impressed.  If you follow me on twitter you will know that my children are not gentle with electronics and we have had to have the screen on our family Ipad replaced on more than one occasion!  So it is safe to say that we have put the case through it’s paces.


What we liked:

  • It is a slimline case more akin to the apple case than many other cases and it is a really great fit.  We love the adaptability of the origami fold mechanism and the fact that it has magnets in it, so snaps together reassuringly too.
  • It protects the user by directing wireless energy and radiation away from the user by up to 52%.  As a parent this is a BIG factor for me.
  • It increases wifi speed by up to 2.6% thanks to a special patented wafer thin ariel in the case.   This also helps boost battery power b y some sort of hocus pocus too!
  • The case enables you to use the ipad both in portrait and landscape mode and feels really secure.
  • It closes down you ipad when you close the cover to save on battery life.
  • It fits really well.  The ipad clips firmly into the case without any flexing and feels really secure and safe, which with two destructive boys is a must.

maxi ipad

We weren’t keen:

Other than the cost $120 I can not see anything we do not like about this case, but  I would pay that price for it especially if it saved me spending £80 a time for a new screen!