The power of printing without a computer – Canon Pixma MG7150 Review 9

We use a lot of technology in the Mad House and one thing that we have been trying to do more lately is less reliance on screens, so having the ability to print activities, colouring pages and papercrafts without even turning on the computer or tablet is amazing.

The power of printing without a computer  - Canon Pixma MG7150 Review

For the last three months we have been using the Canon Pixma MG7150  for our printing requirements and one of the benefits of this printer is its LED screen and ability to print directly from the printer using a series of child friendly menus without even turning on the PC.  The amazing thing is that this piece of technology has actually reduced the boys reliance on screens.

Activity Packs direct off the printer

This means that when Mini was complaining the other day that he had nothing to so that he could use the Canon Pixma and print off a Monsters University activity pack all by himself.

Print straight from tablet or smartphone 

It also meant that I could print off images directly from my Iphone when we were in Blackpool for the boys scrapbooks.  It meant that we could look through the images and make a decision on what each of them wanted.

Creative Paper Craft straight from the printer 

It has also empowered the boys to print birthday cards for their friends too using Creative Park Premium, which is a premium content service available exclusively to owners of select Canon PIXMA printers – and only when all of the software and the colours of genuine Canon inks are installed.

autumn mandela

Photocopy using the printer

One of the other things that it has enabled the boys to do themselves is to make copies of things using only the printer. They have copied drawings they have made, mandelas for colouring in and well everything and anything, but the biggest excitement for them was being able to copy a list of all of their football card swaps for their friends!

What we like about the Canon Pixma MG7150

  1. It is wireless
  2. You can use it direct from your tablet or mobile phone
  3. It can copy, scan and print
  4. It is very user friendly, even children can use it
  5. You do not have to have the computer turned on to use it
  6. It also has SD and Memory Stick Pro Duo card reader on the printer’s front edge
  7. It has six ink cartridges including grey, perfect for black and white printing.
  8. It took 220 gsm cardstock and printed on it effortlessly
  9. Touchscreen technology makes it easy to navigate the menus