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I love going on holiday, but I hate getting ready for one now I have children.  Before kids I was the type of person to pop a suitcase in on the bed in the spare room and my list net to it and over the week before the holiday add to it and then be all ready to go the day before.  Now I find that just doesn’t work for me.

There are loads of reasons for this including the fact that we do not have a spare room for space for the suitcases, the boys to do have that many spare clothes and quite frankly either I would forget what I had packed or someone would take it.  So now I leave it all until the night before we go and rely on having a great list and also completing my pre holiday do to list.

So I have got together with Blocss, who provide amazing waterproof covers for casts, which are perfect for broken arms and legs to share my pre holiday checklist and a fab giveaway (keep reading for that)!

Scan and email yourself important documents

My biggest tip is to make sure that you scan and email yourself any important documents, including passports, driving licences, insurance documents, travel documents, visas, bank information andflight details.

Pre Holiday To do List

I try and make sure that I keep up with the washing and ironing the week before any holiday and that the I buy anything we might need.  But I have learned over the years that stressing about stuff doesn’t make it any easier.   I also take responsibility for all the packing other than the husbeasts and the boys travel bags.

Click here to download your Pre Holiday To do List.

The one thing I haven’t included on the list is medication and a first aid kit.  That would be as I have a whole post on a what to put in a travel first aid kit!

If your family needs prescription medication then make sure you have copies of prescriptions and enough medicine for the whole of your trip. The one thing missing from that list is the fabulous Bloccs cast covers.  Bloccs are ingenious and invaluable in making any parents life easier when their child has broken a limb or has a dressing that can’t be allowed to get wet.


Bloccs Comp

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