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Mini has worn glasses since he was two years old.  He has also been going to the swimming pool since he was 3 weeks old.  He has always been a very water confident child, but we did encounter issues with him in large group situations at swimming lessons and that was when we learned about prescription swimming goggles for kids from his swimming tutor.

The benefits of prescription swimming goggles for kids

Back then we had no option but to purchase his prescription swimming goggles from the Internet, however they made a vast difference and in just one week he went from messing around in the water to swimming 25 meters!

This year Mini for a new pair of prescription swimming goggles for kids from Boots Opticians.  It was a really great experience and much improved to purchasing online as he could physically try on the goggles for size before they ordered a pair in his prescription.

As someone who has had laser eye surgery and understands the life changing experience having clear vision in the swimming pool is, I would do anything so that my child can experience this.  The thing is prescription swimming goggles are NOT expensive and most pairs come in well under £50.  Mini has only been through two pairs in the last five years, making them really reasonable in price.

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The benefits of prescription swimming goggles for kids

  1. You can not underestimate the confidence that is gained in the water when you child can see clearly.
  2. Being able to see clearly increases your child’s ability to concentrate and take instructions, as pools are really loud places a lot of communication is more than verbal.
  3. Goggles protect the eye from harsh chemicals in swimming pools with the added advantage of being able to see clearer.
  4. There is no risk of damage to glasses whilst in the pool or of infection if wearing contact lenses in the water (which I have worn in the past so that I could see)
  5. Being able to see in the water really helps improve hand eye coordination, especially as water and light can distort distance and vision.

The benefits of prescription swimming goggles for kids

I can not recommend prescription swimming goggles for kids or adults enough.  Not only does Mini have them, but since getting them my Brother in Law has purchased a pair.  You can also get adult prescription goggles from Boots and prescription swimming and scuba masks too.

The benefits of prescription swimming goggles for kids

Disclosure: We were provided with a pair of prescription goggles for Mini and a trip to Splash Landings. 

14 thoughts on “Prescription swimming goggles for kids

  • Sonia

    What a brilliant idea, thankfully Bugs can see enough when we go swimming but I wouldn’t hesitate to buy some prescription goggles if he couldn’t.

  • Fritha

    what a great idea, I’ve never thought about percription goggles! Tom has really bad eyesight but has had laser eye surgery since so I’m not sure what kind of eye sight Wilf will have, you’ve reminded me to get his tested actually! x

  • Pinkoddy

    You know I have never even thought about prescription goggles but it makes sense – and especially for those who are long sighted. Now to remember to take them home with you – mind might be easier to remember if they are more difficult to replace than average ones.

  • oana79

    Jen, I am so ignorant in these issues, despite the fact that my mum has worn glasses basically since I was a baby!. I never knew you could get prescription goggles, what a revolutionary idea! I am glad to hear Mini is benefiting from them!xx

  • Tanya

    I’ve heard of these before, thankfully R can see well without as she only really uses her glasses for reading (when she can find them!)

  • Christina @There's Just One Mommy

    Definitely agree, being able to see in the water makes such a difference!

    I have had glasses since I was 7. As a child I would swim without my glasses, and it was always unnerving not being able to really see what was around me. As an adult I’ve started swimming with my glasses on — I can’t risk not being able to see my children while we are swimming. The problem with this is when we were in the ocean this summer I kept worrying about a wave taking those glasses away. Prescription goggles would be awesome!

  • Donna @OrdCyclingGirl

    My two have always had an issue about placing their heads under the water so I can imagine if you were trying to do this without your prescriptions glasses, not being able to see would make it even more scary. A great idea and a sure way to help build confidence in the water, I’m sure.

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