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Proud, you bet I am

I read somewhere and for the life of me I can not remember where something about parents who’s children eat everything shouldn’t be smug.  Why?  Why can I let people know about the crap sides of my life, but not the good things?

I am a proud mum and yes I am somewhat smug, my children are good eaters.  Is it down to me, yes it probably is.  I am happy to say that out loud.  My boys eat mostly everything I put in front of them nowadays, yes the do have foods they don’t like, but they are both happy to try new foods and are not in the slightest picky eaters.

How did this happen?  Firstly let me tell you that I was hung up on food and the boys, one of my issues was that I was a bad mother, when the truth be told, I am a good enough mother and that is all that matters.  I can say this now and believe it, that is what having weekly CBT counselling does for you.  Up until Maxi was 2 year old, he had never had anything processed or not home made from scratch!  Now I am a lot more relaxed about food, but I am oh so proud of the way they both eat and what they eat.

I was invited to meet with Nutella for breakfast over half term with a  number of bloggers and met with a dietitian and other people to discuss children’s eating habits and I came away confident that I am teaching my boys good food lessons that will take them through life.  Kate from the Five F’s has done a great post on Nutella.

As their mother I am their biggest influence and so it is down to me, to set a good example to them and how I do this is by eating breakfast and dinner with them most days.  We eat dinner as a family 6 out of 7 nights during the week.  This isn’t easy, but we have made sacrifices to enable that we do the things that are important to us and having both grown up eating with our families this one was key for both of us.

So I have decided that I am going to go against the flow and say I am proud of me for the fact my boys are great eaters.  Will it always be like this, I doubt it, but one thing I do know, is that if it isn’t I will work at  improving it.

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