Pumpkins and all that 10

We decided that we would carve our precious pumpkins today.  We are so proud that we managed to grow them ourselves in the garden.  Like all things in TheMadHouse, it was a family affair, but MadDad took centre stage.
Although MiniMad is a super duper scooper
Watch out man at work and concentrating hard
Nothing too scary, the minimads dont like scary
A face and a bat
Then roasted pumpkin seeds, delicious and so simple.
All you need do is scoop out all the seeds and clean them.  We like ours salted, so I boil then in salted water for 20 minutes, then toss them in garlic butter or olive oil and pop in a roasting sheet (single layer) in the oven for about 30 mins at 180.
The mini’s were waiting for them as they came out of the oven and they lasted all of an hour.  I have orders to buy any inexpensive pumkins I see for more!!
We also harvested some of our sprouts today to go with the roast chicken and Yorkshires. I love the way they look for architectural.  I also love the fact that my children know that sprouts grow on a stick!!
 I am not keen on the taste, but will eat them and grow them as my children love them and I am all for encouraging eating vegetables when they want them.