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Putting Christmas in to perspective

It has been something of a challenging couple of weeks here in The Mad House.  I was not very well up on returning from our fantastic holiday in Florida (more on that to follow) and have had to spend some time in hospital.  Christmas and my 40th Birthday have really had to take a back seat to me getting to a stage where I could be at home.

christmas tree

Being in hospital at this time of year really got me thinking about all the families who spend the festive season apart for whatever reason and for all the fantastic NHS staff that work over this time of year.

I have been so lucky that friends have been able to step in and collect the boys from school and feed them, enabling MadDad to visit me and ferry me around.  I am so grateful for the support I received online, in addition to a dear friend even coming in to our house and making sure it was all clean and tidy for my return.

Christmas is not about the presents, it is about the presence.


It really is about the presence of people you love and care about.  People that make your life shine and fill it with joy.

So I am not worrying about the reviews I need to write or other commitments I have, but I do want to say a few heartfelt thank you.

So I hope that you all have a wonderful festive period and have some great times with your families.  I might be around over the holidays, but I am not sure.  So Merry Christmas to all.

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