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Putting together a Christmas Eve Hamper and other Christmas Eve Tradition

One of our Mad House traditions carried over from my own childhood is new night wear on Christmas Eve so that we always look smart in the photo’s on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Eve is a magical time, full of excitement and awe and we have a Christmas Eve party each year with my best Friend and her four boys, so it is a wonderful time in The Mad House.

How to put together a christmas eve hamper

For the last five years or so the boys have been given a mini hamper on Christmas Eve Morning for things to see them throughout the day.

Christmas eve gift ideas for kids

What is in a Christmas Eve Hamper?


  1. New Nightwear, this year the boys have pyjamas and slippers both gifted by Next
  2. Reindeer Food to sprinkle just before bed outside for the reindeers
  3. Snowman Soup to enjoy a mug of to help them go to sleep
  4. A new book each for bedtime reading
  5. An activity or game. When the boys were younger we were real fans of giving them some Christmas Scented Play Dough (Nurturestore has a great recipe).  Now they are bigger they are getting a board game to play.
  6. Family movie – usually whatever Christmas movie is out to add to our Advent box.  If you are looking for a recommendation then the boys LOVED The Nut Job

Over the years the boys have had new DVD’s, jigsaws, puzzle books, colouring books, video games. This is to keep them occupied whilst we prepare the veg etc for Christmas Day and also the food and party games for our Christmas Eve Party.

We also have a great book that comes out year after year called The Pajama Elves that we read each and every Christmas Eve, Eve!, that tells the story of the Elves whose job it is to deliver fresh to PJ’s to families do they can be all snuggly for Christmas Eve and all clean for Christmas Morning!

next bags

Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent mnimads! 

I made the boys special small sacks five years ago, which Elfred Jingles (out Elf) leaves on Christmas Eve morning when he leaves to go back to the North Pole. However, they will be getting their Christmas Eve gifts in this fab personalised Sack from Next, which instead of scratchy sacking is made from super soft chenille!

christmas-eve evelves

I love it, MadDad is always off on Christmas Eve and it is a real family occasion.  We don’t visit relatives at all, in fact it is a time for us to spend together and with our friends who we love dearly.

Do you have Christmas Eve gifts or traditions?

We also invite you to join us and welcome you to come and link up crafts, recipes, activities for kids and adults for the Christmas Season helping to provide ideas for a Creative Christmas this year.


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