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Pyjama Pajama Kickstarter Project

Pyjamas without labels that rub, scratch or irritate – tick
Pyjama tops that are cool enough to wear as T shirts – tick
Pajamas that capture children’s imagination and move away from high street character driven ones – tick
Pyjamas that have facts on them – tick

This and more is the goals and aims of Pyjama Pajama, a new company who are looking for Kickstarter investment at the moment.

As a mum of two boys who spend more time in their PJ’s than any other of their clothes and also the mum of one boy with eczema, who has a high sensitivity to labels, I know that this is a wonderful idea.


What is a Kickstarter Project? 

Kickstarter is a pioneering way to fund creative projects.  Itr is a really simple, but effective model, where you can pledge a certain amount of funding, in this case from £1.   It is a way you can back an idea or business that you feel is going to be something that you are interesting in.  It isn’t all about big numbers, it is all about hitting a funding target and providing back to a project.  With kickstarter it is all or nothing.  If the funding amount is not met by the deadline then they do not receive any money.  To date 44% of kickstarter projects have reached their funding goals.

What do you get in return? 

For a £15 pledge you get a free pair of Pyjama Pajamas

For £25 you get two pairs of PJ’sPJ

For £60 you get 5 pairs of PJ’s

To see the full range of incentives, then take a look at the Pyjama Pajama kickstarter information.  I have pledged £25 and am hoping that this project gets all the funding it needs as they will become my boys Christmas Elves PJ’s!

Disclosure: I am being sent a couple of extra pairs of PJ’s if this goes ahead – so get investing! 

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