Quick and Easy Ways to Make Your Rented Flat Your Own 3

Once you’ve scoured city centres like Liverpool, Manchester or London for your new home, and you’ve found your perfect place, now it’s onto the fun part – making it feel like home!

Whether you’re renting an apartment for the first time or you’re a seasoned professional, there are tips and tricks that you can utilise to really make your rented flat feel your own.

Add texture with textiles

A great way to quickly make somewhere feel instantly homely and welcoming is to add texture. Nothing says home more than cosying up on the sofa, surrounded by cushions and covered in a comfortable throw. As well as adding comfort, textiles have the added benefit of introducing colour into your home. Think of your favourite colours, and find others that complement them, and use this colour scheme around your new flat. Not only will this bring your home to life and show off your personality, it will also improve your mood every time you see your favourite colours displayed around the home.

Use art and mirrors

Displaying art or putting up a mirror in your flat can often be quite a contentious issue when dealing with a rented space; you don’t want to be in violation of your contract for putting pins or hooks into the walls. But don’t let this put you off displaying your favourite artwork, there are many ways that you can do it without upsetting your landlord. Displaying a large framed print or an impressive mirror on the floor can look very effective; playing with different heights and showcasing your design ideas in pride of place. There are also many peel and stick products on the market now that allow you to stick frames to the wall, without damaging the paintwork. Another way is by using washi tape to attach your own creations or unframed prints to the wall. This tape can easily be peeled off and, with so many colours and variations available, can also add to the colour scheme of your place.

Bring the outside in

We know that plants and flowers can have a huge impact on our mental health and helping to reduce stress is something we’re all in need of in our lives. Placing plants around your home will add a beautiful design aesthetic, have a calming effect and can also be very useful; have fresh herbs on display in the kitchen that can be added to home cooked meals, grow a lemon plant that will, in turn, give off a calming citrus aroma throughout your home, as well as providing your with fresh lemon slices for your drinks or showcase your creative skills by tending to a bonsai tree on display in your living room. The benefits of placing greenery around your home are many and it will add layers to your interior design.

Light up your living space

Playing with the lighting in your home will show you how easy it is to completely change the feel of the space. Why not try adding table or floor lamps to your rooms to rid the room of feeling flat or perhaps you could place candles to give evenings a very relaxing and cosy feel? There is an array of lamps available now that will allow you to add different shapes, styles and colour to your apartment, as well as providing your home with a different feel, depending on the time of day.

Making your rented flat your own doesn’t have to be hard or expensive, you can make a big difference with just a few small changes.

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