Rain Catchers 4

This afternoon as one of our crafts is a do a little bit of a time one, the boys wanted to make rain catchers, like they had seen on Cbeebies. I was hoping for a little less rain this summer, but it is Britain!!

rain catcher
This is our interpretation of it, as we couldn’t find the information on the website!!!
We took a couple of water bottles and I cut the top third off and we turned it upside down and fitted it in the bottom two thirds of the bottle to use as a funnel.

We then taped the jagged edge at the top with some inexpensive electricians tape (I had a pack in the cupboard)

They then stuck, lots of tape all over the bottles to make them all colourful.
The eldest MiniMad, who I think can be called MaxiMad marked 1 cm lines on a wooden spoon with a permanent marker (I keep these hidden after a very traumatic pen on sofa incident)

They then stuck googly eyes and wool hair on their “weatherman” spoons (31p from Tesco)

The on-going plan is to record the days weather, temperature and water fall in a note book and then use that for some further adding exercises.

4 thoughts on “Rain Catchers

  • Becki

    searched everywhere on ceebeebies on the instructions for this but no luck so this was brill to use yours as a guide! Thank you all!!
    Becki and Harry (aged 3yrs)

  • TheMadHouse

    You are welcome Becki – I searched high and low too and couldnt find them. They are such good fun. I think we will make some more now the weather is really bad!! Hope you have as much fun with yours as my two did Harry

  • Anonymous

    Great instructions…my little boy has been wanting patiently for me to finish drinking the bottle of water I brought specially for this use…and I couldn't find anything on cbeebies either! You've saved the day. Thank you. Chrissy, Connor (3) & Samantha (2)

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