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Recliner chairs: every mum’s dream


You come in from a hard day at work or a hard day of shopping and what is the first thing you want to do? Go and cook dinner? Put the washing on?


For many mums, the first thing they want to do is to sit on the chair and relax for a couple of minutes and take some time to unwind. The living room is where you can go and forget about your worries, put your feet up and watch a bit of television so you want to be able to sit in comfort; especially if you have been on your feet all day.

Apart from the TV, the most prominent feature in any living room will ultimately be the chairs that you sit on. You will want these to be as relaxing, comfortable and stylish as they can be – and that’s where recliner chairs come into play.

A history of comfort

As of 1953, the British living room changed dramatically as Donald Gomme manufactured what could be seen as some of the best sofas of the time. Through the decades, the company has kept up with the changing needs and wants of clients whilst also keeping on trend with the latest designs and fashions for each era.

Now in the 21st century they continue to bring customers quality seating which is designed to last. If purchasing Gplan recliner chairs you will notice the comfort every time you sit down – and be able to tilt yourself back to a better position when it’s time to relax!

Over the years, sofas have changed and GPlan, with no exception, has continued to improve and grow – designing some of the best recliner chairs and winning official recognition by the British Standards Institute for excellence in product and corporate.

Why recline?

The reason to choose recliner chairs is obvious – they’re the ultimate comfortable seating option and ensure you are able to really unwind after a hard day. Mums face more than most when it comes to daily chores and with little mouths to feed, bills to pay and a day job to keep up, it’s hardly surprising you’re in need of some ‘R&R’ when you get home.

When buying recliner chairs, it is important you check their size, style and positioning to ensure that they fit in comfortably with other items of furniture in your living room. You’ll need to leave a larger gap between them and other objects or obstacles to allow them to recline but other than that it’s much the same as choosing any other chair or sofa.

So, give yourself the treat of luxury today and invest in a recliner chair. You may just find that it’s the best decision you ever made!