Capturing Family Moments with Panasonic 2

I take thousands of pictures.  I make sure that they surround us in our home, on the walls, in digital photo frames and on mobile phones, but I do not take much video at all.  I always worry that it will look pants and that the quality will be poor, so when Panasonic offered to loan me a full HD video recorder (model HC-V500), I wasn’t sure that I would use it.  But once we did use it and see the quality I am a convert.  I have a flip camera, but the quality is not a patch on the Panasonic HC-V500.

The camera has a 50 times zoom and records in full HD.  It is lightweight, compact and very easy to use.  It is child’s play.  So much so that both the boys could use it.  The thing that really sold me on it was the fact that it has image stabilisation, so no picture shake, even when you are running after children on the underground.

We went to London a couple of weekends back with Frugal Family and I decided to capture our day trip using the Panasonic and I am in love!

Take a look at the very short edited video and let me know what you think of the quality.  I was really impressed at the footage taken in the reading room at The British Museum as the light was really poor and photographs without flash did not turn out, whereas the video camera took perfect pictures.  The camera retails at £240 on Amazon and I really wish that Panasonic had given me one rather than just loaned it to me!  So if you are reading this Clara, it got lost in the post, OK!


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